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    ••► Strong Imaan Vs Weak Imaan

    Salamalaykum, Jazak ALlah khair nice post. May Allah give bless us with strong Iman. Ameen. Allah hafiz.
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    Salamalaykum Alhomdolillah brother nice thinking rest Allah know best. Allah hafiz.
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    I am now a Muslim

    Salamalaykum, Masha Allah Allah hu akber. May Allah accept you and your efforts. Grant you Jannah and to all of us. May Allah make your path easy. Ameen. Brother please do remember me in ur duwas. Once again my hearty CONGRATULATION to you for coming back to Islam. Allah hafiz.
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    Go ahead and smile

    Salamalaykum, May Allah help you and your family and grant good health and his blessings with Khair. Ameen. Allah hafiz.
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    Cover up!!!

    Salamalaykum, Yes sister you were right. Every thing what everr said in Islam is for human benifit's only as Allah dont need any thing from us. So all the thing are for our benifits only. Its upto us when and how we realise it. this is to my litte knowledge. Please do correct me for the sake...
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    Dua's needed for my father.

    Salamalaykum, May Allah for forgive all of his sins as Allah is Al Rehman Al Raheem and he love forgiving and grand Kausar to your father and to all momins. May Allah shower his blessings on you and your family also and give you people sabar so to tolarate this ireparable lose. Ameen. Please...
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    ignoring the compulsory prayers?

    salamalaykum, Jazak Allah khair for the nice hadith mmay Allah give us taufeeq to follow his blessed path. Ameen Allah hafiz,
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    Daily Hadith

    Salamalaykum, Jazak Allah khair for sharing it brother may Allah help and guide all of us to sirata mustaqeem, Ameen. Allah hafiz.
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    Salamalaykum Brothers/Sisters, At first i agree with brother Ayman1. Just a small thing, yeah u were right our destinies were writen in advance and only Allah knows it. as mention by brothers and sister above Our Prophet (sas) work hard and work the best then also u dont get it then think...
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    Have you ever sinned?

    salamalaykum, Masha Allah very nice post may Allah accept your deeds and for give our sins and gives us the taufeeq to fallow the path on whos his blessings are Ameen. Al Sattar, Al Wadood, Al Razak. Al wakeel Al Mujeeb, Al Sami. Al Baseer at the moment i can remember only this :) yeah...
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    salamualekum i'm a new member.. will yu accept me?

    salamalaykum, Masha Allah nice to know about you. Hope insha Allah we will get benifitted by your knowledge as insha Allah you will be from ours. may Allah help us and guide us to sirata mustaqeem Ameen. Allah hafiz.
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    To the Women-How do you know about slavery and be a muslim?

    Salamalaykum Brothers/Sisters, Masha Allah its glad to c that u now atleast that rape or that thing is not there in Islam. As above my brothers and sisters said you, if you want to learn about Islam or you have doubt about Islam learn from its source that is Quran and Sunnah. Yeah...
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    To the Women-How do you know about slavery and be a muslim?

    Salamalaykum Brothers/Sisters, With due respect may be it was right in your thinking or whatever you may read to kill all mens and take womens as concubines. For your knowledge my friend before Islam war captives are treated as animals and it was Islam when the first war for Islam war of...
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    New to Islam

    Salamalaykum, Masha Allah glad to know about you sister. May Allah help you and make things easy for you in the way of Allah. Ameen, as brother yameenahmed said this is also a good portal you can ask any doubt you have about Islam insha Allah brother and sister will try to andswer you in the...
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    My first visit to the Masjid

    Salamalaykum, Masha Allah sister is great to see the threast in you to learn, May Allah help and guide you and all of us to the straighth path and which his blessings are. About hijab sister yeah you were right it protect you from hot and wet weather and other important thing of it is it...
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    The rights of the husband and the wife

    Salamalaykum Brothers/Sisters, Jazak Allah khair brother Islamicfajr for this informative post. may Allah reward you in this and that world. Ameen Jazak Allah.
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    Urdu readable Quran

    Salamalaykum, Jazak Allah khair for the link bro but it is audio i want PDF writen if any one can then pls may Allah reward them. Jazak Allah Khair.
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    Urdu readable Quran

    Salamalaykum Brothers/Sisters, I have not been here for long time due to some resons but by the grace and mercy of Allah and duwas from u all now every thing is fine alhomdolila. A request to all my brothers and sisters if u know any link where i can find Urdu Readable Quran please...
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    Boycott these companies rit now

    Salamalaykum, Alhomdolila already started and insha Allah will keep it always.
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    Sign Petition for Gaza

    Salamalaykum, Sorry for the delay i didnt seen that before I have Signed it Jazak Allah khair may Allah help and protect our muslim brother and sisters all over the world and its shame for whole muslim world the way they are not doing anything and they hoping or expecting others to do for...