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    :salam2: next: beautiful
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    Female Names

    :salam2: AliyaH
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    Countries & Cities... new game

    :salam2: AustraliA LoooooL
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    «®°·.•°.•°®»Yes-No GaMe«®°·..•°·.•°®»

    :salam2: not really Did you read from Quran today?
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    Muharram - luna cea sfanta

    As-Salaam Aleikum surioara UmmRaschid, mashaAllah ptr articol. JazakhaAllahu Khaire.
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    The Qur'an in different languages on Pdf file

    Salam Aleikum, masha allah, insha allah, Allah subhana wa ta'ala reward, the brothers and sisters who work soo hard to spred the true face of ISLAM. Dear brothers and sisters, masha allah, keep up with the good work. JazakhAllahu Khaire. :hearts:
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    :salam2: ALLAH reword you for :hijabi: :SMILY34:
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    Muslim Names Game

    :salam2: AaminaH :muslim_child:
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    Salam Aleikum my dear sister SHABNUM, never be shy to ask about religion. and YES, Islam say that you can cut your hear. Well image if a women born muslimah with hejab, never cut her hair, it will not fit under the hejab anymore. Or you can get in Guinness Book beeing the first...
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    sMiLe, you're on TTI

    Salam Aleikum, It is very good to smile, it is charity and we are reworded for it, and plus.... if we are depressed, or upset, a smile can make the situation easy to bear. Soo... KEEP SMILING ....KEEP SHAINING:muslim_child: :hearts:
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    Salam Aleikum sister SHABNUM, hope to find you in good health, insha allah. And, YES, it is allowed for a women to cut her hair, BUT for ex. if she wears hejab she will have to do it home, or somebody to do it for her, OR if she lives in a muslim country there are salons special for them...
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    A Meeting with Allah SWT

    Salam Aleikum, :ma: it mad me cry, its soo beautifull, JazakALLAHU Khaire
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    When you wake up in the morning, do not expect to see the evening - live as though today is all that you have. Yesterday has passed with its good and evil, while tomorrow has not yet arrived. Your life's span is but one day, as if you were born in it and will die at the end of it. With his...
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    Life of the Sahaabiyaah

    We must know that the best of knowledge and the most important knowledge is knowledge of Tawheed of Allaah (subhanuhu wa ta’ala), then knowledge of what the Prophet (salAllaahu ‘alayhi wasalaam) was upon and his Companions (radiAllaahu anhum), and this is followed by acting on that knowledge and...
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    5 things with Same Letter, Beko's game

    I'll do T, countrY : THAILAND capital : TEHERAN animal : TIGER food : TACOS(more like junk food) drink : TEA And how U was , i think next letter is...V
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    Is Gelatin allowed?

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Looking for an articol.

    Salam Aleikum, from what i remember was a Medical Jurnal from England sau USA. NOT SURE. Sorry, maybe i confused you more. BTW, Thanks for searching:hearts:
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    Is Gelatin allowed?

    Salam Aleikum, :ma: nice site, JazakAllahu khaire
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    Is Gelatin allowed?

    Salam Aleikum, well if you know for sure its from a vegetable source, than its halal, you have to be sure. ALLAHU ALAM, Allah knows best, :hearts:
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    Is Gelatin allowed?

    Salam Aleikum, I know whey powder is milk powder, AND i ask somebody from a mosque in TO who accually bought something with whey powder from the store i worked and he told me it is OK. As for the lecthine i know is HARAM. Allahu Alam, ALLAH KNOWS BEST:hearts: