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  1. ponderer

    The True Muslim People

    I found this on my recieved files...GOT THERE probably through email.. The true Muslim people ( sahabas) When they walked around in the Arab streets Wearing plain fabric, and broken shoes on their feet The men amongst them, adorned their faces with beards so admirable Their...
  2. ponderer

    Psychopath test

    lol this was good..i got it wrong.. .i was like either 1) she got crazy by not seeing him again 2) her sis dressed up as the guy or 3) her sis was with the guy
  3. ponderer

    US soldiers attacked an Iraqi pregnant woman!

    Do you know if the woman was alright?
  4. ponderer

    Little Things Add Up

    Assalam o Alaikum Little Things in life add up to us being better muslims. Inshallah this thread might help with that. If people could just please write small things which we do everyday. Which we SHOULD be doing according to the quran or sunnah. Random facts you might say:) But...
  5. ponderer

    I am now fully cleansed

    asslam o alikum thats wonderful mashallah:) afraid to read, people of the boxes, don't tak to me about muhammad(pbuh), the prophet, full of humility, what did i do today all are by dawud wharnsby ali....i love all his nasheeds except there are a few with music in them now:( also zain bhikha...
  6. ponderer

    Question to members

    assalam o alikum i dont know about the world, but here on TTI: How about choosing 1 topic each week or something....and everybody writing what they know for a fact, with evidence, about, the reward you'll get for doing it.....the sin for not..... last year i used to wear a...
  7. ponderer

    These blessed 10 days of Z hajj

    assalam o alaikum jazakallah!!!
  8. ponderer

    Dandruff on Beard!!!!

    i havent got a clue about dandruff on a beard but for head....henna is really good....
  9. ponderer

    British Airways Flight to Karachi, Pakistan

    lol its funny i highly doubt its real cuz of the way the karachi dude's words are written....
  10. ponderer


    ammi for mom and abbu for dad
  11. ponderer

    try it without cheating

    wow im sleepy!! lol i just got the first one.....for the no man's land....i just said huh...leave them there....
  12. ponderer


    who's turn is it now? until you think of a riddle heres one(plz:) ) there are 3 light bulbs in a room. Their switches are outside the room. How do you figure out which switch goes with which light bulb? You can only come in the room once to check it out (meaning you cant open one, come see, go...
  13. ponderer

    Saudi Arab Time Diff?? Plz

  14. ponderer

    Saudi Arab Time Diff?? Plz

    Assalam o alaikum i was woondering....does anybody know the time diff between saudi arab and canada?.....makkah and toronto to be specific......jazakallah
  15. ponderer

    Gangster Youth

    assalam o alaikum its very good, mashallah! it fits perfectly with my laughing at teachers, swearing at other kids, and calling people who wanna learn nerds........ its pitiful, but so much peer preasure! allah help and guide us all
  16. ponderer

    face is index of mind??

    assalam o alaikum i read that the 'doings' of good/bad people shows on their faces... i shouldnt judge a book by its cover...but thats the hijab.....not the face...they dont truly 'look'....makes sense no it doesnt to me either:S now im just being dumb:O but...
  17. ponderer

    Let us apply this story to our lives and make a change...

    assalam o alaikum my eyes are a little teary......i guess its because i've had a teacher like ms noriah... she's the best teacher I'VE ever had:)
  18. ponderer

    I did Shahadah

    assalam o alaikum may allah continue to guide you inshallah! life is a struggle, but the best memories are after you over come them allah hafiz, sister:)
  19. ponderer

    Jinn- Stories/Experiences

  20. ponderer

    Jinn- Stories/Experiences

    i know.........