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  1. hager

    Eid Mubarak

    Eid Mubrak from Alex Asalam alikum ,bro,sis just i want say to TTI.. Eid Mubrak.. Allah bless all of u ,Ameen.. Love all of u for da sake of Allah.. Masalama have fun in Da EID:lol:..Smile,Cheese:lol:
  2. hager

    help get over confession?

    Asalam aliku,bro,sis well..i need littel help to get over a feeling.. well.guys..from days..i was talking to my grandma well.. she told me..that..our family.belong to "ali Ebn-Aby tabl""redy allah Anah" well. guys...i feel like.i dunno..i'm happy in da same time i confused.. I'm good...
  3. hager

    How Long have u been A Memeber In TTI?

    love u guys Love u all for the sake of ALLAH
  4. hager

    Goodbyes for 13 days

    salam alikum salam a likum don't cry,'s okey..u always with ur family herein TTI we're ur family..and ur family never forget her kids..okey remember that we all here loves you we will miss you and u'll come back's not 13 years..just 13 days..time will pass inshallah...
  5. hager

    it's important thread pls,bro ,sis

    thx Thanks,bro,sis May allah bless You and Guide all of You,AMeen...ya rab
  6. hager

    it's important thread pls,bro ,sis

    salam a likum,bro,sis Love all of u for the sake of Allah Just want talk about Chance....Chance ALLAH give to US everyday when we wake up,but we didn't feel.. Chance for doing good deeds Chance For honing Your Life Want know this chance? Let's take a trip togather..While we're sleeping...
  7. hager

    guys,I bought LapTop

    dunno Don't know from where could u tell me the Press on start then.....
  8. hager

    Revert looking for friends and suggestions

    welcome Welcome Sis Welcome To Islam Welcome To TTI feel free to ask for anything u'll find us ,inshallah...stand by u if u needs anything PM me,please.okey.
  9. hager

    guys,I bought LapTop

    salam a likum,bro/sis i just want say that i bought laptop..i'm so happy ,cuz i got it i was in need for it...for presentations so on... thx allah,really I have Quiz:. how i could connect my laptop with net? there's something called wirless..?what that mean? can anyone help me?
  10. hager

    How To Choose A friend

    Love all of u thx moshin... it's okey ,through :muslim_child::muslim_child::muslim_child:
  11. hager

    How To Choose A friend

    well it's okey,if u didn't enjoy my article,theseeker of knowledge.. i'm not sad..really ,but tell me what u didn't enjoy it and i would hone it next time? rgx bro for being honest.. allah bless u
  12. hager

    How To Choose A friend

    [B][SIZE="5"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Choosing Friends Human beings are by nature social beings who interact, are interdependent, and thus, in need of friends and companions. Much of our lives are spent in such social associations, and friendship is indeed an essential component in human...
  13. hager

    Help Me,i'm depressed

    salam,bro,sis Sorry for being writing always..and asks for help ,but this's time..i wouldn't asks for help just quiz? Why some people refuse to hep eachother? why some people use dirty method in their business? these people when they go to u think they sleep..they doesn't...
  14. hager

    who are you? :)

    Hager 19 years Alex female college of archeology..and i call it DEAD BODIES College:SMILY153::SMILY153 after 5 years..let's see:> I hope from Allah Subhan watallah....that after i finish college,i apply for scholarship and travel to Russia..or Canda.. aand reach my goals.. that's...
  15. hager

    How Long have u been A Memeber In TTI?

    Masallah :muslim_child::muslim_child: seem we have lot of memebers around here... I'm waiting for the other posts..
  16. hager

    How Long have u been A Memeber In TTI?

    salam a likum.. how're u bro,sis.. tell me,guys: "SINCE when u're a member in TTI???? about me:from 7 months.. what about u? who's older? who's newest?
  17. hager

    Your way to Islam !!!!!share your story

    well salam a likum, h r u,guys? well my story about islam.. i'm muslim by birth...but honest islam doesn't practics well in ma family ma father hates on i have friend from u.s...start to ask me about islam...and i keep saying id dont' know then i start to make a search about...
  18. hager

    Share ur experience,How U win when the Satan try to cheat u and lead u to wrong way

    allah bless all of u :SMILY139::SMILY139::SMILY139::SMILY139::SMILY139::SMILY139::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259::SMILY259:
  19. hager

    help me,please

    thanks thank u all For sharing
  20. hager

    help me,please

    salam a likum how's all of u? well,i just want say ,want talk with some one..some one could answer me,Guide me? the first thing: why i see muslims girls dates guys without their families know? i said "to one of my friend"i't's haram" and i give her the proof ,from qur'an..she doesn't...