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    Sheikh Mishary videos?

    :salam2 May every Muslim who is part of this forum or isn't part forum be in good health and Emaan, I just wanted to know does anybody have the recitation of Sheikh Mishary from this years taraweeh? If you do then please post it onto the forum. Jazakullah hu khair ma'salam
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    Hani Ar Rifai

    :salam2: This a beautiful recitation by the sheikh during the isha salah in jeddah. Fafi_lF9kYU&feature Hope you all enjoy it. Ma'salam.
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    Emotional Recitation by Hani Ar Rifai

    :salam2: Wallah, it's enlightening and indeed a clear reminder from surah tul Fajr. VjGhsPWXcxE&feature :SMILY23: Ma'salam.
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    In the words of Hazrat Umer (RA)

    Mashallah! :salam2: SUBHANALLAH what a beautiful kalaam. The Sahabah indeed were the perfect role models after our dearly beloved Rasoolullah (Sallah Hu Alayhi Was Salim), may Allah (Subhana Wa Tala) give us tawfique to study and follow their footsteps. :subhanallah:
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    Surah Luqman

    :salam2: Surah Luqman recited beautifully by Sheikh Tawfeeq As Sayegh Part 1 6kC5O7l3EbQ Part 2 fGRAmdk9elc&feature
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    Abdullah Al Juhany

    :salam2: Sheikh Abdullah al Juhany while he was the Imam of Masjid Al Quba: zAlWcpc4nbM&feature Hope you enjoy its truly beautiful, however the quality if on the negative side but clear enough to listen to. Ma'salam
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    Sheikh Abdul- Wali Al-Arkani.

    One of the best recitations of this beautiful Surah, GjUTjlELAP0&feature May it enlighten our hearts Inshallah. :salam2:
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    Ahmed Bukhatir recitation.

    :salam2: Mashallah a great recitation by Ahmed Bukhatir the nasheed artist. I hope Inshallah that this will be a great benefit. :wasalam:
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    ** my first video on youtube **

    MASHALLAH :salam2: That is a brilliant piece of work ... May Allah (SWT) reward you for this and may people start loving the Qur'an as they should. And by the way if you need more recitation of Emad Al Mansari i do have some ... ill give them to you so you can create more piece's of work...
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    RE: Imams Of Makkah! :salam2: I have finally found the video and i have posted it in the section of Other Ramadhan VIdeos. :salam2:
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    Imitation Of Sheikh Jabers

    :salam2: Mashallah a Beautiful imitation of the great Sheikh. Inshallah i hope every one benefits from the beautiful Recitation.
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    Endless bounty !

    Salam Muh Alaykum Wah Rahmatullah... :salam2: Come on brothers and sisters some one of you must know where to find and download this nasheed from the album of noor? :salam2:
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    Recitation Needed.

    :salam2: I was wanting to find recitation of Tawfeeq As Sayegh in top quality and i was wondering if anybody knew were to download recitations by him in top quality. Reply Back ASAP: As Soon As Possible. Shukran :salam2:
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    Endless bounty !

    Salam Muh Alaykum Wah Rahmatullah, Brothers and Sisters i wanted to ask does anybody know a site that has nasheeds on it because im looking for some nasheeds from the album Noor... (Noor All For You), i wanted to download the nasheed called Endless Bounty from their album ... so can anybody...
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    Mashallah a great Athaan by Shayk Mansoor Az-Zahraani.

    Shukran. :salam2: Jazakullah brothers and sisters for your Duas may Allah (SWT) accept them and May Allah (SWT) bless you to and grant you jannah.... Ameen Shukran.
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    Mashallah a great Athaan by Shayk Mansoor Az-Zahraani.

    :salam2: One of the most greatest athaan... truly it strikes the heart emotionly due to beautiful voice and meaning of the great athaan. Mo8PyJAFBFI Mashallah really amazing. hope you reflect upon it... :inshallah:
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    A Journey into the Mosque of The Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) Supported By Photos

    :wasalam: Jazakumullah hu khair. Inshallah i intend to go there inshallah on my third time.... i have noticed everytime you go there indeed your emaan is increased. May Allah (SWT) call us for Hajj and Umrah and inshallah for those who have been may Allah (SWT) accept their Umrah and...
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    Aslam Muh Alaykum Wah Rahmatullah. :salam2: Thank you for sharing..... PEOPLE PLEASE MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR ISLAM... ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS JUST SIGN TO MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. Mashlllah atleast some of us have made a difference. Jazakullah Khair may Allah (SWT) bless you for sharing and...
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    Death of Shaykh Dr. Saleh as-Saleh and Shaykh Dr. Bakr Ibn ‘Abdullaah Abu Zayd

    Innah Lilahi un illahi rajioun :salam2: Indeed a great tradgey but for them to die in one of the greatest manners mashallah.... may Allah (SWT) grant them a place in jannah inshallah.... AMEEEEEN!
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    At-takbir by mishari rashid needed badly!!!!!!!!!

    :salam2: Is it just me or the link is just not working because ill love to hear that nasheed for so long.