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    How Long have u been A Memeber In TTI?

    I have been here since February of '07.
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    Self Pity Thread (free admission and snacks)

    I broke my promise of coming back but I came to see what i've been missing and saw this.. Don't feel bad. I didn't pass my math Cahsee exam (California High School Exit Exam), i've taken it like 6 times and I didn't pass it. So I don't get to graduate or get my diploma and I have to come back...
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    Bye...seriously this time.

    I won't be coming to this site anymore. For many reasons, but I don't have anymore questions to ask or any other reason to stay. So thank you all for the help, maybe i'll come by during the Summer or something and say just depends. Take care everyone. :SMILY139:
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    Video Nady from Oklahoma Say her Shahada and Becoming Muslim

    I think I do too..she looks familiar lol.
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    Jerusalem Seminary attacked

    Seriously, are you kidding? Are you paying attention at all to what is being said here? I sympathize for anyone who is being killed, but are you that blind to see that Palestinians are getting killed more and more every single day, more than the Israelis? I may not agree with suicide...
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    Jerusalem Seminary attacked

    Umm yeah I don't think Israel will ever stop attacking the Palestinians. Sorry, that's one thing i'll continue to be not so hopeful on.
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    Seeking Truth

    Asalamu alaikum. Welcome to TTI. :) I hope you that you find the answers you're seeking here. We have the same names too! Hehe
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    Don't wear hijab you will look ugly

    :salam2: I'm not even close to wearing the hijab yet and i'm already facing these problems from shaytan..telling me i'll look ugly in it..etc all that not so fun stuff. That thing scares me though lol
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    I want to wear a niqab!

    :salam2: Mashallah you're so brave! I don't really have any advice, but I say you should do it. :D Your parents will get to use to it, they have to eventually. If you get rude comments just ignore them, don't let people bring you down for it.
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    :salam2: There's a lot of things in Disney movies too you wouldn't really notice by just watching the movie, but if you were to pay close attention you'd notice things. Someone I know said she was watching Dumbo and some clowns in the movie were smoking a bong. Never heard about that song...
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    New Invented sajjada (prayer rug)

    Pretty color too.
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    Confused about something

    :salam2: I won't be much help because i've always wondered the same thing. Great question, thanks for asking and hopefully someone can answer :)
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    I am a Lemon Meringue Pie! What R U?

    Chocolate on Chocolate Cause...chocolate is the best :D
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    Ideas please.

    :salam2: Okay cool :) thank you elixbrody and Faisal_01.
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    Ideas please.

    :salam2: At school, we're doing this project about genocides happening in the world (whether it'd be from the past or present). I'm going to do mine on Palestine. I'm going to be doing photography and digital art, but I don't know exactly what I should do. I have an idea for the photography...
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    :salam2: Wow I never knew this before. Thanks for sharing.
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    My mom lied to me..

    :salam2: I said before that I knew it tasted differently. I just didn't know it was pork. I didn't think my mom would lie to me about what I was eating. But ty for the reply. :wasalam:
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    your favourite smiley at tti

    :salam2: I like these: :hijabi: :D :SMILY335: :laughing-dancing: and :SMILY32: Haha that one is funny.
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    My mom lied to me..

    :salam2: Very nice video..mashallah But no I wasn't :( I just ignored it afterwards.
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    My mom lied to me..

    :salam2: Thank you brother for the reply. Yes, I know that now. I wasn't thinking before, but now I realize that I have to make sure. Jazakallahu khair