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    Shk. Zayed Mosque

    :salam2: Here is powerpoint slide for Sheikh Zayed Mosque in UAE (Newly Built). Double click the folder to un-zip it. :wasalam:
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    Shankaracharya On Islam

    Translation :salam2: Here is translation ======================= When we receive blessing from God Almighty, only then we get chance to understand the truth of the religon. I have been attending meetings and meeting muslims from many years. And i started this new practice in india...
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    Shankaracharya On Islam

    :salam2: Here is one video about Shankaracharya (Hindu religious leader) speaking about Islam X8zasuy9FBA It will be nice if some one can translate this vedio and put the translation in reply post for non-hindi / urdu speakers. Direct Link...
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    Curious Christian

    How Quran was preserved :salam2: Plz refer to this thread as well :wasalam:
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    Pics Of KASHMIR

    :salam2: It is Indian side of Kashmir. 1) Indian side also follow urdu language. 2) Car plate with JK mean from the state of "Jammu and Kashmir" 3) Khaki colour is Indian "Police" uniform. Pakistan police has black shirt and khaki pants Pak army has full "lighter khaki" uniform...
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    Pics Of KASHMIR

    :salam2: Here are some sights of Kashmir :wasalam:
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    Video Why I Came to Islam

    :salam2: Here are videos of some reverts :) 1. Why I Came to Islam - Abdul Raheem Green xbMVkomJhHw 2. Fidelma o leary convert to islam Nu9AZzjMfaI HDkW2Y35mKQ 3. German convert to Islam bqa_MZUcWr8& 4. MY STORY - HOW I CAME TO ISLAM iHGUUFGTFL0 5. Lisa Martella...
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    Your Action Needed: Muslim Jesus on TV

    :salam2: From the writings of S. Abdullah Tariq Jesus surely was a saviour when he was on earth. The Quran relates: “When Isa (Jesus) peace be upon him, came with clear signs, he stated: I have brought you wisdom, and to clarify some of those things about which you have disputes: so fear...
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    TImeline of Wives

    :salam2: Please download attachment (pdf files) at link given below, it contains exact info you are looking for: And this is Bonus attachement...
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    Shaykh Ibn Baaz (RA) on staying in a western country

    :salam2: I admit he is honourable scholar. I dont want to insult any of our religious scholar but they too must keep in mind the situation of all the muslims of the world while issuing any fatwa in general. It is their responsibility to avoid fitna and confusion else they should specify that...
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    Learn From Noah’s Ark

    :salam2: :SMILY84: Everything you need to know about life, learn from from Noah’s Ark :SMILY84: Don’t miss the boat. Remember that we are all in the same boat. Plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark. Stay fit When you’re 600 years old, someone may ask you...
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    Father of Separated Cameroonian Twins

    Over 450 Embrace Islam Over 450 Embrace Islam Riyadh (HA/ IINA) Over 450 non-Muslims working in local hospitals and medical centers supervised by Saudi Arabia’s Health Ministry have embraced Islam in the past year, thanks to the efforts of the Islamic Guidance Department, the Health...
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    Father of Separated Cameroonian Twins

    :salam2: Father of Separated Cameroonian Twins Embraces Islam Riyadh (HA/ IINA) The father of the Cameroonian Siamese twins, Phambom and Shefbou, who were separated at King Abdul Aziz Medical City (KAMC) in April this year, embraced Islam at a simple function held yesterday at the...
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    Shaykh Ibn Baaz (RA) on staying in a western country

    :salam2: Dear respected brother, Fatwa state: Is it practical? Is this moe beneficial than the harm it would create by following this fatwa. You live in singapore, it is also not Islamic country. So are you planning to come back to your country? It is not about muslim living in...
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    Shaykh Ibn Baaz (RA) on staying in a western country

    :salam2: Our Prophet (PBUH) lived amoung Jews and Christians. His noble behaviour made majority of them to convert to Islam. He showed us the true example of love and peaceful co-existence. Even after the departure of him, the companions spread all over the neighboring countries irrespective...
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    Calculate your ZAKAT

    :salam2: Here is one spredsheet (excel file 25kb only) using which you may calculate zakat amount due on you. The explaination of the calculation is given on second sheet. Wasalam
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    :salam2: I think admin need to contact the server guys as there is also two lines coming on the TOP of the website (warnings). They are nothing but some error in script at line 240 and 241 and also this red colours is a simple thing that the support programmer from server side has to rectify...
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    Macro To Micro - A Fantastic Trip

    :salam2: Brother, There are two reasons for attaching file in zip folder. 1) I want to save TTI server web space so that saved space can be used by another member for something better 2) TTI dont allow to attach Powerpoint presentation format, so there is no other option but to zip...
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    Macro To Micro - A Fantastic Trip

    :salam2: This is a fantastic trip from macro to micro. Worth Watching :) (Powerpoint Presentation) Wasalam
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    I need 200 hits.

    It is easy to prove the existance of creator. Can you see current or resistance in a wire? No, but you can prove that there is resistance offered by the material of the wire to the flow of current. Similarly, it can be easily proven that there exist God. I can count thousands of argument for...