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    Are you guys all british

    Asalamaulaykum wa rahmatullah, Yes another Brit here, but of Bangladeshi heritage and currently working in the Gulf, Bahrain to be more precise.
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    Brother where are you residing? If you in the UK then I advise you to visit a Ruquyah practice (but one who follows Quran and sunnah), there is one in East London by a bother called Abu Muhammed.
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    Question: Donation to Syria. How?

    Brothers and sisters, IHH are an amazing Turkish charity organization and have been and the forefront in assisting Syrians and and many other Muslims in need, I can personally vouch for them. Many of the international organization working in Syria have partnership with them as they have all the...
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    Having Scientific doubts about Islam

    This is a good video I showed my students regarding atheism vs theism. Although many of the people are non-muslim i think it still is an excellent video to watch. !
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    Allahu Akbar! Nauman Ali Khan was once an atheist!

    Brother Nouman was here in Bahrain for a few days and MashaaAllaah people loved him here!
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    Need some advice...

    Sister sweetjannah, Nouman Ali Khan has some excellent online stuff at, it has tafseer of most of quran and also arabic lessons which are really good (as i have been told). It costs $11 a month or $112, thats less than £7 a month or £72 for the whole which i think is...
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    Question: How Good Are These Cities?

    Brother, you should seriously consider the UK. It's universities are some of the best in the world. ( and im not being biased just cos I live there)
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    hijra for the sake of allah

    Assalamualaykum wa rahmatulllah, Having been born and raised in the UK I can understand where you are coming from. But..... I have to be honest, there is not a place where you can really make hijrah today, which is stable enough for you and your family. I currently work in the middle...
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    In Search Of Logical Answers?

    For those of you who believe that Islam has played no role in 'modern civilization' please watch and also research into the 1001 inventions
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    Discussion on Deobandis

    Brother Tariq, just want you to clarify one thing so people don't get confused, from what i remember the tawassul through the prophet that some scholars allowed was only via the honor of the prophet ie. Acceptable tawassul (some Ahlussnah scholars)- Oh Allaah i ask you by the honor and status...
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    In Search Of Logical Answers?

    Brother Muhammed, Our prophet Muhammed (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) reached the seven heaven in his night journey, now 'scientific theory or general theory' will say it is scientifically impossible for this to occur, im sure all the professors around the world would say...
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    In Search Of Logical Answers?

    I hope you guys find this to be useful.
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    In Search Of Logical Answers?

    Sorry guys but people need to stop talking about issues that they have no /limited knowledge of. As a Muslim the there are some accepts of evolution we can accept and and some parts we totally reject. Firstly we reject any notion that Adam (as) came into existence from the standard model of...
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    In Search Of Logical Answers?

    As a science teacher i have to agree with a lot of what brother Scotty is saying here, Muslims need to be more proactive in both their secular and religious studies. Our religion teaches us to excel in both the Dunya and Akhira, not in terms of wealth but in knowledge and goodness. Muslims today...
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    My Introduction :)

    Asalamualaykum wa rahmatullah, Welcome to the forum and feel free to post your questions or comments ps originally from London but working in Bahrain.
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    Assads Irani and Iraqi Shia Militias are committing Massacres: Syrian Refugees

    Brother Adam Islam needs sacrifice whether we like it or not, this taghut is hated by his people and all Muslims and needs to be removed. Having Islam and being poor is better for a Muslim then having a taghut and living under non Islamic rule.
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    Al-Walaa Wal-Baraa Based On Ignorance, By Ibn ‘Uthaymeen

    JazakAllahukhayr, May Allaah reward you brother and i Hope everything is ok with you know. The funny thing is that i used to be so harsh on people due some of the points you mentioned (especially points 1 and 2), but now i follow the opposite opinion. We ask Allaah to forgive us and Have mercy...
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    Why did Allah spread His message through books and messengers?

    Dear Abd al Karim, The Quran clearly states that Allah sent a messenger from the people who spoke their language, Arabic, Which is still spoken today and understood by Arabs and Non Arabs and Muslims and non-Muslims. Also in a time where there was no internet, IPads, Kindles or social media...
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    From farm to fridge - is it true?

    Alhamdulilah i just came back from a Slaughter house in Qatar and it was very quick and clean (although abit smelly), they even had people to monitor the welbeing of the animals being slaughtered and also to see if protocols were being followed.