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    in need of bit of advice

    thankyou, i had considered doing this as there are quite afew mosques around where I live but over here it is more of a cultural thing and women dont go into the mosque, I have asked my husband many times if i could go in and get some information leaflets off them but he just tries to ignore the...
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    in need of bit of advice

    thankyou all for your response. i have managed to find a site I think its the same one that ummsami89 was talking about i have now ordered and inshallah will arrive. my friend will be over the moon thankyou...
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    in need of bit of advice

    :salam2:. i was wondering if somebody would be able to help me, its just that I have a friend who is deeply considering converting to islam, but the only problem that she has is that i said reading the Quran was the thing that really gave myself the push to convert and she wants to get a copy of...
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    testing times

    thankyou :salam2: i would like to sincerely thankyou for the lovely comments that you have made. it means alot to hear {read rather} other peoples opinions. As i may find these testing times hard i cannot turn bad thoughts onto these people wether family or not i should continue with the hope...
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    my father is...

    i am sorry to hear of your loss my thought are with you and your family and this time of need.
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    testing times

    :salam2: hi to all . I have not visisted the site for qiute a while now, i am confused and am finding it very hard to know which way i should turn. I have been with my husban for six years his family never accepted me but {as i thought} fortunately they accepted me a couple of months back...
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    New to the Site

    hi chris I have just read your latest message and I wrote to you before letting you know that I am also reading Quran and it is helping me very much, I strongly want to take my shahada but like yourself I am very worried that I will sinn way too much. I enjoy my life, my husband who is muslim...
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    from osmanelmais --to--> OsMaN_93

    thanks for letting us know you have changes your name. I like following you messages, find most of them really interesting
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    learning (Arabic/English) for kids

    :salam2: i would just like to say thankyou this is a very good site have just been to it and wrote down my alphabet. thankyou...
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    Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters

    hi and welcome to the site, hope you make plenty of friends, feel free to pm me anytime if you so wish. i am also from the uk. live bout 2 hours or so from ya. my husband went to bradford bout 2 weeks ago said the food were gorgeous {dunno where he went!}. well now that i have bored you with my...
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    Just joined

    hi and welcome
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    Good news: I'm converting!

    congratulations and I wish you all luck I can to continye with the true path in life
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    Please ,greet me!!!!!!!

    hi and welcome to the site.
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    New to the Site

    hi I hope that reading the quran opens your eyes as much as it is doing for me. If like me once you start reading it all seems to make sense and opens your eyes to the beauty that is within islam.
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    children ? angels

    hi im not trying to say ive seen an angel i didnt mean to confuse anyone but what i was saying is that innocenc is so pure its something that you have never seen before so how do we really know what it is.. angels are pure arnt they? thats how they became angels, is it not? anyways before we all...
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    children ? angels

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    children ? angels

    :salam2: hi to everyone I am posting this thread to just see if anyone shares the same views as myself. I only realised this when I had my son and sat for hours craddiling him in my arms. Does anybody else think that children are like angels and if you can sincerely look into a young childs...
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    1 week and 2 days...

    thankyou ya allah madad it really is nice to have someone around you who you know loves and cares and will protect you and more importantly be with you forever I truly am blessed to have a loving husband and our beautiful son
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    Salam in Islam

    congratulations on taking your shahada i hope that your learning continues to be prosparous
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    Try to understand!

    I dont understand why people have to insult something that they dont know or quite possibly dont understand. and to go to the effort of becoming a member 5 times over seems as though what is in this persons head is really bugging them. yes it is wrong and makes me angry but in another way i feel...