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  1. subhanallah

    Job interview - shaking hands!

    :salam2: Oh no, the rule goes for shaking hands with both muslims and non-muslims - as long as they're of the opposite gender it's prohibited :) I love those ayahs! Whenever I feel as if I'm in a hopeless situation or maybe only a bit sad and depressed, the remembrance of those verses...
  2. subhanallah

    Who will go to heaven and who will go to hell??????

    I don't think homosexuality is something you choose and therefore I don't think one'll be punished for something he hasn't chosen himself - God is fair and merciful. On the other hand, if one "lives out" his homosexuality - like the people of Lut - he would probably be punished for his deeds...
  3. subhanallah

    Job interview - shaking hands!

    Exactly! That's what I thought before the interview. It's better to explain right from the start. If they become offended and not give you the job then so what? I wouldn't be comfortable in a place where my religion and lifestyle aren't respected, anyway. Oh btw, I got the job -...
  4. subhanallah

    Job interview - shaking hands!

    Oh I love that!! *memorizing*
  5. subhanallah

    salam alikom swedich wommen her.

    impressive ;)
  6. subhanallah

    Job interview - shaking hands!

    :salam2: Haha! Oh yeah that'll work! "Hi, sorry - I can't shake hands with the opposite gender but heeey.. where are you (=the meaning of 'var är/e du')?!" Thank you everyone for your tips! The interview is tomorrow inshallah so it's a bit too late to call, but I'll try explaining while...
  7. subhanallah

    Job interview - shaking hands!

    :salam2: What to do if you're having an employment interview with someone of the opposite gender? How do you avoid the handshaking part in the best manner?
  8. subhanallah

    salam alikom swedich wommen her.

    Lol, you just asked her where she is :) Salam aleykom och välkommen till sajten, syster!
  9. subhanallah

    What do 20,000+ Converts say about Islam?

    :salam2: Jazakallahu kheyra for sharing! I think it has the same meaning. Some choose to use the word 'revert' since in Islam, everyone are born as muslims but might later on be raised to follow another faith. So when they discover Islam, it's actually not a whole new discovery but a kind...
  10. subhanallah

    a girl from Brazil

    :salam2: Oh alhamdulillah! May Allah guide you through the rest of your life and make your chosen path as easy as possible. Welcome to the site :)
  11. subhanallah

    Why are Muslims not as Advanced as Western World

    You'd be amazed by all the incredible science facts in the Qur'an. Facts only recently discovered in the west. So no... not praying for a miracle - but studying the miracle we've got in front of our noses (the Qur'an). Muslims should concentrate on being muslims and following the Qur'an and...
  12. subhanallah

    Think Twice

    :salam2: Oh I so recognize that.. :girl3: A really moving story.. gets you thinking! Jazakillahu kheyra for sharing!
  13. subhanallah

    The Heart of a Muslim

    :salam2: Jazaku Allahu kheyra for sharing! That's Zain Bhikha singing, isn't it?
  14. subhanallah

    Never found the time

    Salam aleykom Oh, don't apologize brother Mrmuslim! I know you too had good intentions and as I said, I really appreciate your post! It's our duty as muslims to point out others' mistakes as it'll do good to both them and us in the afterlife. And I am really glad that you posted that hadith! It...
  15. subhanallah

    Never found the time

    :salam2: Thank you brother.. but I thought that it was what's inside the heart that counted, one's intentions. And my intentions were as far away from the hadith you've quoted as possible.. I know that God always finds the time and I know that God won't hold a book in his hands on the day of...
  16. subhanallah

    Prayer - perfection

    :salam2: I totally agree with you! Thank you for posting this! I'll go and pray Isha now inshallah :P
  17. subhanallah

    How'd you give up the most difficult sin for yourself?

    :salam2: Lol, I don't know why that made me laugh so much.. I never realized flirting was such a hard thing to keep away from. But anyway: I congratulate you for your success :D The hardest thing I've done, was to end the friendship of my two best friends.. One influenced me in a bad way...
  18. subhanallah

    question of a to answer?

    :salam2: From what I've heard/read, evil mainly exists because of humans' free will. Take for example a young child being brutally murdered.. a non-believer may wonder how God could've allowed it to happen and come to the conclusion that God either doesn't exist or isn't good. This is of...
  19. subhanallah


    :salam2: Oh congratulations!! You can't imagine how happy I feel for you! May Allah guide you through your life and reward you with the best!
  20. subhanallah

    Fiction - prohibited?

    :salam2: Thank you so much both of you for your tips! I'm checking out the books right now :hijabi: May Allah reward you with the best!