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    :wasalam welcome to the forum and congratulation on turning to islam.
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    i cant concider myself muslim

    advice first of all my allah help you and protect you from sheytan.i think you should seek some help from abrother or amosque and allah sw will guide you to the right path. don't let sheytan take advantage and confuse you.i will pray for you inshalah may allah guide you to the right path.
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    asalamu'alaykum from England

    welcome am aisha too from england derbyshire welcome to tti
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    how can amuslim sister find apartner for marriage when we are not allowed to go out and maybe meet someone?this is aquestion my freind asked even though she is not muslim.
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    count me in sister.
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    asalam aleykum? count me in,am somali from kenya now in uk. may allah bring peace bacl at home
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    asalam aleykum? am somali moved from germany to uk.
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    may Allah show us the right path,ameen!!

    Asalamu Aleikum! Indeed a good story and reflecting upon it, how much time we waste at different places waiting on doctor's offices, hospitals, labs and--- for travellers--- airports. The need is there for us to read the Quraan with understanding to find solutions to increasing...
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    Why The Day of Resurrection??

    :ma: jazakamuAllah kheir for sharing this. may Allah reward u. :salam2:
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    Amazing Marks on Your Hands IslamCan: Miracle Pictures of Islam ( lets share islam.
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    Who is the poor?

    :salam2: jazakaallah kehir for sharing this,may Allah guide us to right path. islam is the right way.
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    who are your friends?

    :salam2: :ma: thanks for the great message am sure we muslim youth will benefit from this coz its normaly our freinds who take as away with worldly leisure. jazakaallah kheir. jumaa mubarak.
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    Who is the poor?

    :salam2: :ma: jumaa mubarak!!!jazakaallah kheir may Allah guide us to the right path and all the muslim ummah. i wish we could follow islam how it is. thanks for sharing with us.:salam2:
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    may leave Islam

    :salam2: first and formost i will rem u in my prayers as from now and inshaalah Allah will guide u. one more thing pliz take time be4 u make any decision don't rush or go by words of people. the other thing u r working with wrong people coz asking christians about islam will definately...
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    Feeling sad

    :salam2: :tti_sister: :tti_sister: :tti_sister: :tti_sister: sad story but i wish i could help.i think its good if she joins the site and if she is in the UK will be good maybe we live in the same city and we can help, it will be grateful. :salam2:
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    Thursday : A Day to Fast

    actualy i was thinking of fasting tommorrow inshaalah and so i am in. lets make dua for peace and guidance. :salam2:
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    Salam u Alaikum

    :salam2: welcome sister and inshaalah u will we will exchange ideas for the better. i hve alot of kurdish freinds,hahaha....... maasalam:salam2: welcome again
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    Salaat Language

    all has been said but inshaalah try to learn arabic i mean basic one though it might seem hard in the first time. :salam2:
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    Why Hatred?

    subhannaAllah,i knw about all these in the arabs and i hve been knowing but wat can we do,as asomalian i knw wat is happening back home and it realy hurts the fact that almost every day killing is going on,its not the problem of civililan,its the so called govt which is being financied by the...