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  1. fma6

    Dear Members...

    unfortunate :( That is sad to hear, you have been inspirational. I have been away for only a few days for my exams and I come back to this. Why must people make others run away? Everyone should feel welcome.
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    asalamo alaykom wa rahamatullahi wa barakatuh Yes we all love each other...the only problem is that our Imaan is weak
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    The Youngest Member on the Site

    Asalamo Alaykom Maaz! Welcome! This is absolute cuteness I tell ya! Invite all your friends to this site and let the knowledge continueeeeee Focus on your studies too Was-Salam
  4. fma6

    Drawing a Hand?

    "The cult of celebrity is most definitely idol worship, however, the cult of the celebrity could simply not exist if media imagery, or encapsulation of the human form did not exist." That is very true...and by watching their shows, and movies, and checking out the latest entertainment buzz...
  5. fma6

    Am i loseing it ?

    Asalamo Alaykom! Whenever you feel like you are getting angry....Sit down...if u were standing...that will calm you down a bit. Also, don't give them the satisfaction of seeing you angry....try to control yourself as much as possible, dont let them see that you are furious. Is it possible...
  6. fma6

    LOL.........he sure fooled them!

    nice laugh
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    Drawing a Hand?

    My 1 Cent:D Asalamo Alaykom I totally agree I think this modern world is just making the haraam easier n easier. However it is a test as is all else in our world today. We have to be strong, to fight off our temptations I don't think we should seclude ourselves...
  8. fma6

    Try to understand!

    The Truth Will Always be Attacked...that's the way it's always been. But then try tellin someone you worship the will become so famous..ppl will love you...u can write a whole book about it....ur new "religion" will be loved n adored... That is the mentality that exists...
  9. fma6

    ** Boycott Google **

    LOL! this is interesting stuff JazakAllah for sharing. <just a random comment i will person was asked "What religion observes Ramadan??....n he replied...PAKISTAN!> strange world!
  10. fma6

    KHABBAB Radhiyallahu Anhu

    BarakAllahu Feek Ya Mabsoot. JazakAllahu Khayr
  11. fma6

    Preparing for The Realities of Marriage

    I wish it were that simple.
  12. fma6

    Preparing for The Realities of Marriage

    LOL! :D No sister it is not possible to stay this way....Marriage is an essential part of Islam....It completes have your Deen...and who knows inshAllah maybe our children could be pious leaders.....a very much needed thing in our corrupted world....and remember...the saying...behind every great...
  13. fma6

    Lal Masjid Massacre

    I was just writing a research paper on the media's bigoted and biased portrayal of Muslims....I expect to get a low mark:( because when truth is told, there will always be an attack.... InshAllah everything is up to Allah....our Ummah will not change until we change ourselves, and until we...
  14. fma6

    Did they leave Islam or Izlam?!

    LOL! Nice true...Izlam is so NOT my religion...however, ISlam is my way of life....Very well said!:):)
  15. fma6

    ** A Letter A Mujahid Wrote To His Wife. ** sweet *silent tears* If only the spouses of today put Allah and their Deen first...verily true happiness will be achieved then and only then.
  16. fma6

    Preparing for The Realities of Marriage

    Confused The more I read this the more I feel like you...I am starting to be afraid of marriage now...Alhamdolilah I have complete faith and trust in Allah, but all these stories are making me want to hide in a corner and disappear. I have always dreamed of marriage with someone from...
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    i wonder if this person... I do that sometimes, but then sometimes it becomes an obsession! Next person wonders what the TTI members look
  18. fma6

    I'm hurt...

    SuperFriendly! Sure! Just curious, What part do you relate to? By the way dear readers, I am NOT anti-social...some people attribute my "no best-friend and no-cellphone" policy to being anti-social! LOL:D
  19. fma6

    I was told no hijab at my work Walmart

    Haha LOL, that's funny. But sis....stand up for your rights!