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    Nostradamus is he for real?

    Those things associated to Nosterdamus are disinformation. There were no predictions given by that person about 911. Wassalaam
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    As-salaam wa alaikum

    AssalaamuAlaikum WRWB, A very late but a warm welcome to our new member in the family. :) May Allah bless you in life and hereafter. WassalaamuAlaikum.
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    AssalaamuAlaikum WRWB, You should find a Hajj/Umrah travel agency in your country. They will offer you a service package (or multiple packages). Once you choose a package of services, they will book your living in a hotel and will arrange your tickets InshaAllah. Further you can ask what kind...
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    salam cute twins

    AssalaamuAlaikum, Twins are fine to play with, but when you will have to wipe their butt 10 times a day and will have to do many other tough tasks, then I will ask you "Enjoying Sister?", hehe Wassalaam.
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    Muslim prayer seems really complicated, help please

    AssalaamuAlaikum, I wonder why do people forget to mention the following link each and every time: Above link contains one of the most beautiful video presentations to learn about prayer very easily. Wassalaam
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    Yeah, thats what I mean. Dedicating more time, and channeling right resources. :) Bye
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    Jinns are called "Genie" in English. (you know Aladin's Genie? well that is fantasy character but Genies are real in fact). Jinns are the creation of Allah SWT. Jinns are made of fire while angels are made of light. The most superior creation of Allah SWT is humans, then come angles and...
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    Smell from the mouth of a fasting person

    AssalaamuAlaikum, I have observed that people brush their teeth but not all people might care to brush their tongue. Whenever you do brush then clean your tongue too, specially the tongue area near throat. This cleaning should be done when you are not with fasting. (cuz if you clean with...
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    help...i asked agirl for mariage her family says no

    AssalaamuAlaikum, Brother, You can have some contact with some senior person of that girl's family, such as grandfather or some other people who they might listen to. Also you did not tell what is the view of that girl's father. If he can support your stance or not. Wassalaam
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    Random Sister? :) I think he will not say this to anyone except "that" sister. But then he might not mention "for the sake of Allah". :D
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    AssalaamuAlaikum, I surprise some of my friends by calling them "Darling". They wonder for sometime. Darling just means "loved one" but people think it is just for the opposite gender. Wassalaam
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    Hello Mr. RegularJoe, Welcome to the site. Please dont feel you caused any offense. Its ok, we are understanding about the culture you are coming from. Just to your knowledge, the hierarchy of authorities in Islam goes like that: IF YOU ARE UNMARRIED/SINGLE MALE OF FEMALE: 1- First and...
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    I'm a new muslim that needs help

    AssalaamuAlaikum, Here is the ultimate channel to learn how to pray: Click Here Wassalaam
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello, Welcome Rougan, Feel free to ask any quetsions you like. Bye.
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    Can you guys pray for me ??

    AssalaamuAlaikum, Hmm? NASA? You should create your own NASA. Really. Look at the following Chinese farmer who is worth more than a robotics organization: Y4LIThTB8Ww Wassalaam
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    :D it's me again and I need help!

    AssalaamuAlaikum, Just take light dinner in the night (Iftar time), it can be fruits and other things containing less oil/fat. This way, it will make you hungry before dawn InshaAllah. So at dawn you can take heavier meal. Wassalaam
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    AssalaamuAlaikum WRWB, JazakAllahuKhairan for your inspiring post. Wassalaam
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    early marrige!!

    AssalaamuAlaikum, What? you dont memorize football players? You do good then. :) Dont worry brother, I think you might be able to marry some revert sister InshaAllah, more easily than marrying a born Muslimah. Wassalaam P.S. Please read the translation of a verse of Quran I use at the...
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    help me from my uncertainty

    And about your feelings about why you are here. I must ask, Did you come to this world with your consent? Did you have choice about not to born? Can you go out to some place where God cant approach you? We do NOT have choice accept to obey our Creator. Now, What is like not obeying the...
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    help me from my uncertainty

    AssalaamuAlaikum WRWB, Sister/s, You first need to read the following story to get a different view about God: Secondly, watch the following videos: 3cNweE6j5oA And following is a reply to a nonMuslim who asked in this forum, Why disobeying will put...