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  1. Steve940

    Will Egypt Lose Their Ancient Treasures Again???

    Asalamu alaykum, I don't see any reason to destroy artifacts that are not images of living creatures. As for the artifacts that are modeled after humans or animals, such as the one in the picture of queenislam's post, isn't it obligatory on a muslim to destroy such things? I am not...
  2. Steve940

    Guidance is Contingent Upon Jihad

    :salam2: Excellent post. :salam2:
  3. Steve940

    Remember Face

    Wa alaykum salam, I do not think it is a loss of face to show emotional pain. It is normal for people to feel hurt when things in life go bad. However, when this happens, it matters less about how strong of a physical person you are and more about your faith in Allah. When you have strong...
  4. Steve940

    Having Settbacks......

    :wasalam: I distinctly remember reading the posts that you made in the past because you are from New Jersey like myself. I am now 19 and as a student I could relate to some of the issues that you spoke of. I am glad to see that you are in an Islamic school now and I hope that it is benefiting...
  5. Steve940

    Ask an atheist anything.

    :salam2: Usually I won't involve myself in discussions like these ones because it's like two rocks pushing up against each other. Neither is going to budge. However I've done a lot of thinking on this very topic in my spare time and think that I have some input that could be beneficial. I have...
  6. Steve940

    Whats changed in me?

    Asalamu alaykum, I reverted almost three years ago and as I was reading your post I felt as if you said what has been on my mind. I feel the same way you do. Where I live in the US it's practically impossible to gain any real information about Islam except through the internet, and I feel as...
  7. Steve940

    [Whitechapel] Debate on Music....

    :salam2: This subject is like a phrase we have here in America, "beating a dead horse". It has been discussed so many times before but the truth available to find for those who look for it. May Allah guide us. :salam2:
  8. Steve940

    A certain form of Mysticism

    :wasalam: I have taken this from their website that you posted. The Kabbalah Centre is a spiritual and educational organization dedicated to bringing the wisdom of Kabbalah to the world. The Centre itself has existed for more than 80 years, but its spiritual lineage extends even further —...
  9. Steve940

    On a sunny spring day in Appalachia

    :salam2: :O They struck a house? Subhan'allah I'd love to have been there when they tried to explain that one. :salam2:
  10. Steve940

    Easy way to memorise Quran in 30 yrs!

    Asalamu alaykum
  11. Steve940

    I need to PM someone who is knowledgeable in the Quran

    :salam2: Why would you even suggest that a person is lazy? Do you know them personally? Do you know if they even live within walking distance of a masjid? You do not know any of the circumstances and yet you let out a comment like that. If you want to make a suggestion like, "try to go to...
  12. Steve940

    The Bermuda triangle in Islam. Do Muslims believe this?

    :salam2: I remember seeing a tv program a while back where they made a theory that in the bermuda triangle there are large pockets of gas in the seabed that when released are sometimes big enough to overtip a ship if they surface right below the ship, and the same gas when it goes into the...
  13. Steve940

    What is the Most Beneficial thing to Hang on your wall?

    :salam2: I have given this thought before and insha'allah I would like to find a poster of a dug grave that is empty, i.e. just the hole. It would serve as a reminder insha'allah and I hope that it does not go into the territory of bid'ah. "The Muslim should not keep any pictures of...
  14. Steve940

    Qiyaamah - 'Amir Mohalhal - Beautiful

    :salam2: 7-pRV553uBY :salam2:
  15. Steve940

    Thousands of Troops Are Deployed on U.S. Streets Ready to Carry Out "Crowd Control

    :salam2: Subhanallah. I watched that video you posted in a thread the other day, I believe the title was wake up call. Things like this sure do make me wonder about our future, but in all cases alhamdulillah. :salam2:
  16. Steve940

    surah ar rahman - please helpp!!

    :salam2: Use the link in my signature it has sudais along with others :wasalam:
  17. Steve940

    Saying "al hamdulilah"

    :salam2: I have a question. When I go to the masjid I sometimes see brothers that I recognize and I will greet them with salaam, and then ask how they are doing. Many people just say "alhamdulilah" and nothing else. I grew up non muslim and usually when we ask how someone is, we expect...
  18. Steve940

    Sunnahs Neglected In Ramadaan

    :salam2: :jazaak: A very beneficial article indeed, especially with ramadan just a few days away :salam2:
  19. Steve940

    Making up missed prayers

    :salam2: Make dua to Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala that he will make you wake up for fajr on time :wasalam: