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  1. stargazer

    A Cockroach crawled in to my pants while at Fajr prayer!

    It did itch. Real bad, but Alhamdhulillah I managed to stay still. You know the cockroaches can withstand an awful amount of torturing and stomping on your feet. You have to be very tough to beat these guys. You must love your hobby. Its real fun isn't it.
  2. stargazer

    A Cockroach crawled in to my pants while at Fajr prayer!

    That brother must have had some real guts. I admire his processing speed. As soon as he saw it, he knew what that means, and what to do. I mean he caught it, confined it in his pocket until the prayer is finshed and released it. Thats some real fast thinking.
  3. stargazer

    A Cockroach crawled in to my pants while at Fajr prayer!

    I did not, but wallahi it was not a very pleasant feeling! the whole time the thing was crawling on my legs trying to find its way out, I felt as though the thing was inside me! :( I later started to realized how prophet yunus (pbuh) would have felt while he was in the belly of a fish. I...
  4. stargazer

    A Cockroach crawled in to my pants while at Fajr prayer!

    Last night (29th) I had a great time. Qiyamu Layl was great. We finished the mushaf and as you may know the 30th Juz contain very short and sweet verses and the Imam recited beautifully, I enjoyed every minute of it. After suhoor, I sat to recite the Quran, It also went very smoothly and I...
  5. stargazer

    My husband is not a Muslim.

    I hope that you would be successful. But you should know when to give up. Because, whom so ever Allah guides no one can misguide him/her, and whom so ever Allah misguides, no one can guide him/her. And finally it is certain, as long as he is an unbeliever, the ruling is clear: He can not...
  6. stargazer


    true but I hope that is not what the sister is trying to portray.
  7. stargazer


    assalmualaikum, I admire you courage to talk about your bitter situation sister. You must be a tough muslimah. I think, now, the way you see the world, you would be able to understand more easily the nature of this world. It is unfair, unjust and cruel and you would be able to see other...
  8. stargazer

    Quantum Mechanics

    I love physics and off course I like the quantum theory. In my course (Bsc in Physics) I am just begining to understand the foundation of this theory and it has already amazed me. Quantum theory explains a lot of stuff at the molecular level while the Relativity explain things on a much larger...
  9. stargazer

    Allah's name on the body

    salam.. it is interesting whatever happens it happens by the will of Allah and the pattern appeared on your neck because Allah willed it. And as to the meaning.. well I do not not put too much thought into that I guess that would be the best thing to do.
  10. stargazer

    Money-nice one!

    Mashallah! Beautiful!
  11. stargazer

    What to do when followed by secuirty in store?? Help! Plzzzz

    wa'alaikumussalam, You should be patient and act modestly so in time it would convince them that you are not a robber and that muslim sisters never steal!
  12. stargazer

    ABT ME..

    :salam2: Most definitely! Welcome sister. Hope you will enjoy your time here at TTI. Wassalm.
  13. stargazer

    Dr. Zakir with Ahmed Deedat

    Zakir Naik as the dynamic speaker we see today is the result of Deedat's speeches. Deedat's noble work inspired Dr. Naik and we see today how great an organization IRF has become. A single inspiration does wonders. Alhamdhulillah! Wassalm.
  14. stargazer

    Sending an email to get Salvation??

    :salam2: dear brothers and sisters. Recently I received some email and I used to receive such emails every now and then. It says that a certain sheikh saw a dream in which the prophet SAW appeared to him and gave him certain instructions. The thing is the email said to pass it to 20...
  15. stargazer

    anxiety or jinn??

    I have never heard anything like it. But Quranic verses are indeed a cure. Perhaps it is caused by Jinn.In that case reciting Baqara would be good as prophet SAW said: Shaitan is barred from any house in which Surat al-Baqarah (2) is recited
  16. stargazer

    Reluctant to Post This Question

    salam brother. when I was a truth seeker, the same question was bugging me on and on again. Remeber this, In the house of islam we were taught that *Allah knows everything and he would know everything you and I woud do. *However Allah does not force anyone to choose a particular path...
  17. stargazer

    adult children who dont pray

    I hope this article on Islam qa helps. How to smack children to make them pray? How do we smack children to make them pray?. Praise be to Allaah. Abu Dawood (459) and Ahmad (6650) narrated from ‘Amr ibn Shu’ayb from his father that his grandfather said: The Messenger of Allaah (blessings and...
  18. stargazer


    I am a muslim and I try to follow according to Quran and Sunnah. All these names eventhough some of them had good meanings have made me sick because it makes the whole ummah to divide. Allah commanded us to be muslims. wassalam
  19. stargazer


    If what you have approached is the then beware they a group of people who believe in a certain man by the name of Rashad Khalifa as a messenger of Allah. They would trick you by showing there firm adherence to the Quran and they are devoted to play with you with nineteen miracle...
  20. stargazer

    what are the rulings on pic

    Why should you keep the photos of dead people? Seeing it would only bring memories of the past and it would bring sadness to your life (not in this case but often times it is). You should be honest to answer this. Does it bring you any good by keeping it? Even if a photograph is of a real...