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  1. aslamjiffry

    are you Ideal Muslimah...let us see..

    Jazakallah Khairah for this great thread.. wassalaam
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    A Faith I Had Never Considered

    Masha Allah! This is great ... Allahu Akbar
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    Please Pray for Sri Lankan Muslims! One Musjid going to be Demolish.

    Though we are Minority in this Country No matter how we are.. We will be fighting for this issue with the Help of Allah SWT.. Pls make Dua.. Ameen Wassalaam!
  4. aslamjiffry

    Please Pray for Sri Lankan Muslims! One Musjid going to be Demolish.

    JAZAKALLAH KHAIRAH and Ameen For Ur Dua.Sister... Insha Allah we will fight for our freedom. Will see .. Allah is with us and We should be very Tactful to deal this issue.. Jazakallah Khairah again Sister.. Wassalaam
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    A Journey into the Mosque of The Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) Supported By Photos

    Masha Allah Great Pictures. I Love to go Madeena Pls Make Dua my friends........ I lOIve to Die in Madeeh Munawwara... Pls make My Freinds.. Wassalaam
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    Got married this sunday.

    Masha Allah Congratulation!!!!!!!!! May Allah Bless u Ameen.
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    Salaam Sister.. We can rem u.. May Allah ALways Bless all of us.. Ameen..Wassalaam:SMILY139:
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    Please Pray for Sri Lankan Muslims! One Musjid going to be Demolish.

    Salaams All. I am posting the whole details and link as well. Pls go through it. Here is the Link The Muslim mosque situated at the center of the Dambulla Town was subject to a petrol bomb attack this early morning.(20). Though there had been...
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    Our Relationship with Prophet Muhammad

    Assalaamu Alaikum All in this forum Yes. We should Love our Most Beloved Rasoolullah Sallallahu Alaihiwasallam than our own life... Masha Allah... We are blessed to be Ummah of the gretest Prophet.. Nice thread freinds...Keep it up.. Wassalaam
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    Palestine~ United Nation Will Give Us What Is Ours!

    MAY ALLAH SWT BLESS OUR PALASTINIAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS TO GET THERE HOLY LAND PALASTINIANE AGAIN.. All Brothers and sisters in TTI Please add them in ur Dua Insha Allah Palastiniane should get there land very soon Ameen....
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    Five-Ton Satellite Falling to Earth: Where will it hit?

  12. aslamjiffry

    "194 Palestine" Count Down

    Assalaamu Alaikum Dear Brothers and Sisters...... Insha Allah We will win the game and we need to include palastine in our Dua.. Insha Allah Azzeez We will win Long Long Life Palatine......... Allahu Akbar Wassalaam
  13. aslamjiffry

    I need your Duas ....

    Salaams We will pray for you and Masha Allah i have noticed by looking the replies that u r having a lot of muslim crowd and there prayers will be with you.... So dont worry Insha Allah it will be ok very soon Insha Allah! May Allah Protect u and ur Family always ameen
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    Sinners From Ahlus Sunnah Are Better Than Ascetics From Ahlu Bid’ah

    Salaams Dear Bro I didnt understand this?? And the Link is not working LOL... Pls tell us in clear Pls?? Wassalaam
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    MUST HEAR-Real Imaan Boosting Story!

    Jazakallah Khairah a million times for shearing this.. May Allah Bless us All and HAPPY RAMAZAN MUBARAK
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    Honey & Cinnamon

    Jazakallah Khairah for the informative medicine said by Noble Rasooolullah SAW (PBUH) May Allah Bless all of us ameen...... Wassalaam
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    12 Ways to Maximise everyday of Ramadan

    Jazakallah Khairha for the value resoruces May Allah Bless all of us ameen..........
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    The Wedding of Fatima

    Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmathullahi Wabara Kathuhu This is a good article about Noble Dauter of Noble Prophet MUhammed SAW (PBUH) .... We can get soo Many goo things from this specially people are spem\nding too much money to do a wedding.... some people take loans as well.... This is islam...
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    :A query regarding S.Bukhari & S.Muslim:

    Salaams All, After Quran Saheeh Bukhari and Saheeh Muslims are the authenticated source and Pls dont think any dought on that... Coz every scholars refers it and if there are any query They will (Scholars) will raise voice on that BUT Never did that.. that mean thiose are authenticated...
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    Seven Beautiful Pearls Which Make A Wife Special

    Assalaamu Alaikum Yaa Correct 100% Every Muslim Brothers Should Follow Our Noble Prophett Muhammed Rasool SAW (PBUH) ways and examples and Every Sisters of Islam should follow Sunnah + examples of Noble Prophet Muhammed SAW (PBUH) Noble Dauther Fathima Azzahrah Rali Allahu Anha This will...