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    Do a good deed today.

    Give to the miskeen! This has to be one of my favorite sites on the internet. You help feed the poor and hungry while getting a little smarter in the process. You can change the subjects if you'd like. I...
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    Very beneficial sources of Dhikr!

    Ramadan Karim! There's no better month to try our hardest that this, so let's not let this opportunity pass us by.
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    Is listening to Quran considered an act of worship?

    Salam. I know it is recommended and beneficial to listen to the Qur'an. However, I also know that it is better to recite and read the Qur'an. Is there any hadith that pertains to the benefits of listening to the Qur'an being recited? I ask because in this time of ramadan, when we are all...
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    Rewards for Dhikr chart. I'm sure it's been posted before, but it's so useful I gotta post it again :)
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    Roses are red, Violets are blue, Yes, this started out cliché But what you gonna do? When the message is clear, And the value is true, It bears no matter What color rose is with you Now charity's important, A thing we must do, And if you should partake You'll get good deeds too...
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    Passing by.

    Thanks guys. Like they say; through life we're inevitably going to go through ups and downs -iman wise. The only difference between the one who reaches heaven though, is not giving up hope and staying down. Insha Allah we'll all attain Jannah.
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    Passing by.

    I lay here not knowing What to do or where to go It seems like time's just passing Twiddling idly like soft snow. I care not for the things I used to love I care not for eating or drink I feel tired and weak, and sick I may say As I gleam at the ceiling to...
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    Ramadan Mubarak, (plus helpful tips)

    Ramadan Mubarkak to you all! :D 2.As deeds get multiplied this month, now's the best time to use this site: I find the math subject's multiplication table the best way to rack up the grains.
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    Ramadan Mubarak

    Ramadan is here right now to stay With us on this holy of days Now we have to try to hold ourself And prayer is a way to help This is the month for self restraint And for our kin to be acquaint Keep all that food out of your mouth And know what sacrifice's all about Since all our...
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    Ramadan Mubarak, (plus helpful tips)

    Salam Wa Laykum brothers and sisters. RAMADAN MUBARAK TO ALL! Each day, I'll try to provide some very helpful information and videos to aid us during this helpful month. You guys should feel free to do the same. 1.Wanna make the hellfire haraam for yourself? Quote: Virtues of the...
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    Speech to one; Speech to all.

    Something to keep in mind, My sisters and bros When you come here to spend time In the forum's abode Harsh speech and belittling will do you no good We keep saying 'we know', and we keep saying 'we should'. When speaking no matter how bad he may be, Speak, but don't insult, talk to him...
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    Rewards for Dhikr chart.

    Salam, if you haven't already checked it out, it's reaaaaally helpful
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    My husband is not a Muslim.

    You guys have done well to try and advise our sister with this very difficult issue. One we probably won't fully understand unless we experience it or something like it. Never the less, everyone here, I recommend we make dua for our sister so that things turn out for the better. Alf2, I...
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    To be(lieve) or not to be(lieve)

    I live my life as you can see My desires are what comfort me But yes it does come at a price And that's my conscience And my dignity I adhere to daily goals I breathe clean air without me being told But when it comes to living with the Deen I am dying; And trying Thought not evil...
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    poem:I've learnt

    Very sweet poem :o
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    I'm here today To tell you how To make much in short time It may not be cash It may not be points But it's something to keep on your mind For a lot of good deeds We feel we need To do things that take lots of work But it's simple to say Subhanallah today And get deeds that will...
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    Time is of the essence

    Thank you. :SMILY259:
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    Time is of the essence

    Each day we need to write a list Of Deeds we wish to do Have faith and dhikr on our lips And see our guidelines through The day is coming, everyone, and time is almost up So pay attention, heed, I'd say And pray and worship much We're running out of time, and boy on that day we'll...
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    Years past

    Any time you stop and think, Look at things that make you blink Life can take it's toll on you And sever nations also too How many years we've been alive? Six years too young, but now we drive Work is all we think about The cell phone clears our mind of doubt We've watched ourselves grow...
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    A test.

    Thanks a lot guys