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    Non-Muslim to Muslim exchange of Knowledge

    Asalaamu alaikum, Here is the response from that I just received this morning. I posed the question just before the start of the month of Hajj (to give you a reference). I told you that I would pose it and then post their answer. I have fulfilled my promise. I no longer post here...
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    Warning On Baby Slings After Newborn Dies.

    :salam2: I personally don't think that its the sling in and of itself that is the problem. I used a sling (not this one) with my son Connor and the directions EXPLICITLY state NOT to put clothes OVER the sling and to always have one arm on the child at all times to prevent falls and to...
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    How does stories change?

    :salam2: ROTFL! That is so true! In America, during grade school, we are taught that lesson by playing the "telephone" game... The native American's know it as the "moccasin telegraph..."
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    Fast Food Restraunts: halal or haraam?

    :salam2: I agree.....showing appreciation to Creator for the food you are given just seems like the logical thing to do. Isn't that why some people "say grace" before eating?? That's how I understand the concept. If I'm wrong, please tell me...
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    Fast Food Restraunts: halal or haraam?

    :salam2: How do you think I found that restaurant! lol! I've never been there and I hate the food at Popeyes....I saw a listing of all the Halal restaurants in my area...
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    Fast Food Restraunts: halal or haraam?

    :salam2: There's a Popeye's near me that if you give them 24 hrs notice, they will serve Halal meat....I think it also has a prayer room...but I can't remember if it's that place of another fast food restaurant.
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    Du'a before fasting and while finishing the fast: Is it a Bida'h?

    :salam2: While looking for a different answer, I found this fatwah and remembered this if it was yesterday actually, and thought I'd post the fatwah for everyone to see. I'm sorry but I can't seem to fix the exposed HTML code completely... From the General Presidency:
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    Q's about wudhu

    :salam2: I hope it helps....fascinating information.
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    Q's about wudhu

    :salam2: Sister, You may want to read this fatwah. Its REALLY long so I'll just post the question and the link for you. Does touching a non-mahram woman invalidate wudoo’? Please mention the different scholarly opinions on that. Boy, you are...
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    Strange Question

    :salam2: I have read so many fatwah's on Islamqa about prayer mats and permissibility to reserve a spot and NONE of them mention that turning the edges as part of the directions...this is only a personal assumption but I would assume that if it was part of the sunnah, then it would have a...
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    Tafsir Request..

    :salam2: As of late, I've been having extreme difficulty gaining access to and I was wondering if someone would be so kind as to copy/paste the Tafsir for sever Ayat's for me so that I can read them. The ayat's I am requesting are as follows: Sahih International taken from
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    How to Purify Self When Touched By Dry Pigskin?

    :salam2: Ukti, I can certainly understand your fears and how it has triggered your OCD. Is it safe to assume that you DID check the registration numbers to see if they matched up with the ones you took? #AUST R 75827 (for the non- 50+) tablet..
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    Family problem...

    :salam2: Sister, I'm so sorry to hear about your sister's behavior and how it has effected your family. Such a thing is never easy to deal with. I can not advise you regarding your question but I thought I might direct you towards a possible medical reason. ONLY a qualified medical expert can...
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    childs rights

    :salam2: I found this for you. I hope it is what you are looking for.
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    How to Purify Self When Touched By Dry Pigskin?

    :salam2: SISTER!!!!!!!! Reread fact, to heck with it..I'll highlight what is needed...(whew!...that is, unless you live in Canada) [/COLOR] [/COLOR]
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    ABU TAUBAH arrested by FBI

    I am a non-Muslim, yes, but you: Do NOT know me! You do NOT know what I believe! and you.... Do NOT have the RIGHT to say I do or do not believe in Allah and Mohammad!!!! Very few know what I believe and those people are people I trust. As for the rest of what you said, I appreciate you...
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    ABU TAUBAH arrested by FBI

    :salam2: He could very well be a very different person now than when he committed crimes (allegedly...since I wasn't there to witness anything) and so he very well may be "good" with Allah, but he would still have to make reparations to the injured parties, correct? "Arrested for" and "found...
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    ABU TAUBAH arrested by FBI

    Read the links and you will find out why he was arrested. He did acts that he needs to make amends for and that means being held accountable for them.
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    Name change HARAAM??!!?

    That's all slang terms....nicknames of a sort for the toilet, but the original meaning of the personal name "John" means "God is Generous"....
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    Open forum now?

    Isn't that a question you should be asking the Moderators privately and not us?