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    The Qur'an in different languages on Pdf file

    mashallah tahnk you so much
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    Why do I get so angry?

    My sisters and parents are braive Buddist. I said them first i became muslim they nearly to kill me! They said to me its wrong and you chose very wrong and stupid way. And explain me lot of matters about Buddist. Then i reply them everytime and answer every difficult question. Also using their...
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    Why do I get so angry?

    Now i'm talking with everyday about 20 anti-muslim or atheists. Everyday recieve question and receive bad words from them about islam. I can't say they understand just one time talking. Even till now maybe whole my life my family never agree i'm muslim but i'll till the end explain it and...
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    Why do I get so angry?

    wa aleikum salam! You should control yourself , even its you thinking right but doing wrong .... My country is non muslim country and 4% is muslim ... most of them is living hiden... and most of non-muslims are hate us no reason /maybe no information/... there is more difficult than USA or...