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    Video Islam sweeping through China

    WEll thanks all the members who share islamic videos here with us really mashallah very nice videos and also lessonable videos . If we act upon these islamic videos then our life and we become totally change and live a happy life .
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    umaira here

    hello all the buddies of this forum me umaira Raza here joining first time your forum and i hope we all buddies of this forum will stay and enjoy there so much togather
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    Hello I am new here.

    hello buddies you are warm welcome in to the forum
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    Ameen and i respect your thoughs and we all are with you in this matter
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    American Girl who's a Muslim living in Morocco

    congrats on your accepting of islam and warm welcome to the forum
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    you are warm welcome here and i hope you will enjoy your stay so much there and thanks for the joining forum