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    ıf you know who is pierre vogel /(ebu hamza) is he shia?
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    ve aleykumusselamve rahmetullahu ve berakatuh
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    a good kurdish nasheed

    :salam2: ı hope you will love
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    :salam2: i have an question when Zeyd see a gril think bad and when he see bad flim he watch what sould he do? thanks
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    The Major Differences between the Shi’i and Sunni Schools of Though It is commonly known that the major differences within the Muslims started to occur in the era of Uthmaan (may Allah be pleased with him). Until then, the Muslims never had any major differences that would make them differ in...
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    :salam2: we have to be carefull abaut people which is change our religion one of this people is PİERRE VOGEL (ABU HAMZA) now tell us like pierre vogel we should share our knowledge
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    :salam2: İNGİLİZCEM İYİ OLMADIĞI İÇİN İNGİLİZCEYE ÇEVİREMEDİM ÇEVİRMENİZİ UMUYORUM Pierre Vogel İnançla İlgili Hususlarda İslâm Ümmetinden Ayrılıp Allâh’ı Yaratıklara Benzetmektedir Allâh'a hamd, resullerin en şereflisi olan Muhammede salât ve selam olsun. Allâh’ın resulü...
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    :salam2: ı wanna learn who is PİERRE VOGEL is he wahhabi
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    :salam2: ı have na question who is pierre vogel?is he wahhabi?ı wait your answer thanks
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    ATrue Muslim , a Leader & a Man

    PS:ı am from TÜRKİYE (TURKEY)
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    ATrue Muslim , a Leader & a Man

    :salam2: nounlu you are wrong he is the best leader of turkey he is an very good muslim
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    ALHAMDULİLLAH ıt is very well ı am from turkey it means ı am grandchild's OTTOMAN