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    Dua Request

    Assalam alakium brothers and sisters, Will you please make dua for my son and I. We are going to move into our own apartment at the end of the month after leaving my abusive husband. It is daunting to be a single parent but i can now provide a proper Islamic home for my 3 year old and myself.
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    Pope quits

    A little history for those who don't know the history behind the Popemobile, it was commissioned after Pope John Paul II was almost assassinated in the 80's I believe. While one can put faith in God, a person like the Pope is probably the subject of a few death threats a year and thus the...
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    The Benifit of Trials

    Can i just have about 3 months w/out any major trials please. I have had more then my fair share these past couple of years, and I will be getting a new apartment for my son and I only. The move will be another trial. I have stayed steadfast in faith but I could use a small break.
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    Shia Aqeedah includes Fatima being created by Light

    I am so sick of Shi'a. The posts on my FB timeline is the Shi'a crying over the "Shi'a genocide" in Pakistan. While its wrong to murder and I don't agree with the bombings to call it a genocide then get angry when you bring up Shi'a attacks on Sunni just infuriates me. Then again none of them...
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    I agree Sister that us women need to seek knowledge and know what is our duty and our rights. I see many men trying to restrict women's rights in Islam due to cultural influences that are not Islamic. Women need to know their duty, rights and how to live a righteous life.
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    Crusaders in Mali

    It all started when the Turag in the north started another quest for independence and the Army pulled a coupe-de-ta saying the Government was not equipping them for the fight. In the turmoil the Turag "rebels" and Islamists took over the North of the country.
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    Right of Divorce for Women

    You are an arrogant man, knowing nothing about many of us. I was simply showing that in some cases divorce is necessary, unless you think us women should stay in abusive marriages, and if you do that is all I need to know about you. You are disresepctful to your fellow sisters and it is sad.
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    Right of Divorce for Women

    While I agree divorce should be a last resort, my husband was an abusive alcoholic and i tried to stay with him for the sake of our son. In the end I had to leave due to the abuse and neglect. In cases like that a women should leave.
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    Right of Divorce for Women

    Still waiting for proof that's it's Sunnah to marry a divorced woman who is sophisticated and has her own business as has been claimed earlier.
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    Right of Divorce for Women

    Lol you think?
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    Right of Divorce for Women

    You are kidding me right, there is no such Sunnah. Prove it. You know nothing about us Western Muslim women other then lies. You don't know what we give up to be Muslims here in the West, our families, our friends,in some cases our jobs to follow Islam. It's sexist men like you that give good...
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    Sri Lankan maid Rizana Nafeek beheaded in Saudi Arabia

    A life is a life, non-Muslim or Muslim, there is no difference to me. Muslim blood is no better then non-Muslim blood especially if it is a child. Our courts are more transparent then Saudi's, and if she killed them beyond a reasonable doubt she should be executed, there is doubt here on what...
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    Sri Lankan maid Rizana Nafeek beheaded in Saudi Arabia

    You hit the nail on the head.
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    Sri Lankan maid Rizana Nafeek beheaded in Saudi Arabia

    Are you a scholar in Sharia? This is a pattern in Saudi Arabia when it comes to foreign help from South East Asia and Africa. I am a political Science student and look at more then one or two sources. I have seen the pattern of how they treat their workers who are from that region and they treat...
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    Muslim woman committed suicide

    Wa alakium Salam, I still would not want to live in any other country then the one I live in now. I can practice my faith w/out worrying about the secret police coming to get me, I can have a Qu'ran in my house with no fear, I can wear Hijab w/out having to take it off ie Turkey. I also have my...
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    Sri Lankan maid Rizana Nafeek beheaded in Saudi Arabia

    Sadly this is not the first time you have seen this happen in Saudi and it won't be the last. They treat their workers like trash and beneath them, not Islamically at all. They may be the Kingdom that hols the two Holy Mosques but so much behavior there is not Islamic.
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    mother beats her son to death for failing to memorize the Quran

    That I agree with, I would never harm my kid and burning the body, that says it was not an "accident." The little boy is in Jannah now better off.
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    Need guidance

    That is very true, no matter how crappy the agenda is.
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    Need guidance

    I wrote a letter to the company telling them of my feelings and I was told that they will add gay romances in the next expansion, there will be no way of turning it off and if I do not like the way the game has gone then I am free to leave. My reply was that is fine, as of the 10th when my...
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    Are Mosques being left behind?

    I also live in an area where the nearest Mosque is over 2 hours away but my hometown mosque would not let women pray there, it was totally cultural and if you were a women you didn't go. That is part of the problem that the Muslim community needs to address is the cultural practices brought in...