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    share if you dare!

    Wacky sects :salam2: To the brother who said "You have all sorts of wacky sects and beleives; trust me!" I assume that you have accepted Islam, I therefore, can only appeal to your sense of Islam to do yourself the greatest favour you have ever done, as well as for the community within...
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    Male Names

    :salam2: How about adding to these names. Alli, Achmad, Adnaan, Aleem, Ashrah, Amar, Anwar, Addly, Aarmien, Alvi, Aasief, Abaas, Afaan, Aziz, Awfi, Asan, Amir, Abubakr Baasit, Bardaan, Badroen, Bieyameen, Badeer, Caasiem, Carriem Dawood, Erfaan, Emraan, Fadiel, Fareed...
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    Pourquoi pas?!!

    Multiple nightmares. My brother and sisters, mi hermano y hermanas, mon frere et soures :salam2:, buenas dias y bonjour. I speak a bit of English and hablo un poco Español et je parle un peu de Français aussi. I hope you are all well, espero que ustedes todo esté bien, j'espere que vous allez...
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    SOUTHALL (West London) Mc Donalds is going halal WOOHOO!!

    It all about the money :salam2: Here in South Africa our Muslim population is about 2 Million, so almost all the Mc D, KFC, Nando's Moparks, Something Fishy and numerous other fast food places dispense Halaal Foods beause they want their business, restated; they want their money. Their...
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    THE TEARS OF RASULULLAH SAW ( Can anybody help me to get the ref )

    Cash Cow! :salam2: Yes, brother and sisters, there seem to be many of these emails going around with a dubious source but it seems sms's have become just as popular if not more so. Here is one, that is going around. The prophet Muhammad (SAW) appeared to an old man, the caretaker of the...
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    Asalamu alaikum Hispanic from Canada

    Bienvenido Hola mi amigo, encentado, bienvenido y :salam2:, Como esta usted? Soy tambien trabajndo en IT. Hable engles muy bien, parle francais tambien? Yes it would be nice to your work on Islam, Insah-Allah, especially how you came about to accept Islam. Ma'asalaama
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    The Qur'an in different languages on Pdf file

    Mercy of Allah :salam2: Brother Ibn Azem May Allah (SWA) bestow untold mercies upon you, and shower you with his blessings for providing this precious link. I have been searching the net over the past few weeks for foreign language Qur'ans to buy. I am in the process of compiling a...
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    share if you dare!

    Jumu'ah ??? :salam2: My most confusing moment, is when I went to Antananarivo in Madagascar on business and while sightseeing the city, I saw a very large and beautiful Masjied in the distance, its minaret some three stories high compared to all its adjacent single stories. Right there I...
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    Be not divided! Asallamu Alaykum brother Wulf. I thank you for your question but before I answer it, may I ask; Are you a Muslim revert or are a non Muslim? Many has raised this question before, but not to receive or be satisfied by the answer but rather to create discord amongst...
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    Cat & Dog

    Dogs, flees and Jinn :salam2: Keeping dogs are permitted in Islam under certain circumstances, like protection, hunting and herding. There are many ahadith of kindness shown to dogs, however Angels will never enter a house if dogs are kept inside it. This diminishes the occupants...
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    a girl from Brazil

    Bienvenido Asalaamu Alaykum mi hermana, bienvenido a TTI, encantado. Hablas ingles bien, espero usted hable Espanol porque hablo Portugeses solo un pocito. Soy muy interested en el nivel del Islam en el Brasil porque tengo un amigo Braziliano que aceptado Islam, pero ahora vivo en Eiland...
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    The term "Muhammadins" is an insult to Muslims! :salam2: I also agree that its best not to engage in debating religion with people whole hearts are hardened toward Islam and through their ignorance call Muslims, Muhammadins because they are mesmerized by Christianity with its dogmatic...
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    women priests

    Reverence the wombs that bore you! :salam2: Brother and sisters lets not loose sight of the fact that these sister's intentions were to better themselves and work, fee sabeel lillah (In the path of Allah). If these women are guided by Qur'an and the Sunna, then it is obligatory for us as...
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    The Milaad is an Innovation - Shaykh bin Baz

    Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread :salam2: I agree whole heartedly with the Nasigha by Imaam 'Abdul-'Azeez Ibn 'Abdullaah Ibn Baaz (rahimahullaah), but I wish to add - Laa biedah fil Ibaadah (There is no innovation in the worshiping of Allah). Bieda'ah is an extreme in religion and...
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    Medieval Muslims made stunning math breakthrough

    Advanced knowledge :salam2: Brother, thanks for the link, interesting... very interesting. There is a thread on TurntoIslam named "Advanced geometry of Islamic art - BBC News Article" where a sample of the said quasicrystaline motifs can be seen. Do a search using theose words as your...
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    Advanced geometry of Islamic art

    The magic number Islamic art has the most amaizing geometry and forms the basis of a certain branch of Mathematics. This geometry came about from studying Qur'an. Qur'an says in many surahs ...”verily in that are signs for those who reflect” And those who reflected where endowed with the...
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    Amazing Explanation

    Deaf, dumb and blind :salam2: :bismillah: Yes, brother & sisters, I agree its a really cool story, BUT! What can we learn from this? That brother that became despondent with his Islam and advertised it through the media is a typical Munaafiq (Hypocrite), please don't judge me for saying...
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    How Small is Earth

    Migrate to other planets??? :salam2: It is interesting to see, how small earth is compared to other planets and how miniscule it is compared to the sun, and ponder on how insignificant man is in size, yet man has been honoured by Allah (SWA) by puting everything in this world at his...
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    The Quran copied from The Bible accusation

    Who says the Qur'an is copied from the Bible???? :salam2: Now in response to the Christian claim that the Qur'an is copied from the Bible.:astag: Firstly, The Qur'an is divine revelation, attested to by more than ONE BiILLION Muslims today, originally delivered to Prophet Muhammad...
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    Thinking of converting

    Ahlan Wa Sahlan :salam2: Greetings Sonya and Welcome - Do share your experiences with us, we look forward to assist you with your migration to Islam. Jazak Allah Ghayr