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    The reward of one whose child dies and he has patience

    wa3alaykoom esalam MashAllah TabarakALLAH, keep them coming inshAllah..May Allah reward you
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    We All Make Mistakes

    wa3alaykoom esalam brother jazak Allah Keir gr88 reminder!
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    have you tryed google sis??
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    The Prophetic way of getting Healthy, Strong and Beautiful Hair

    salamu 3alaykoom is there a daleel for wat the prophet said??jazak Allah keir!
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    As Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatuillah wa Barakatu, Ukhti's and Ahki's

    salamu 3alaykoom sis Na'ilah:)inshAllah ur stay here is very beneificial:D,looking foward to reading ur posts,Welcome to islam and Welcome to the forums:)May He For Whos sake you Love Me Love You...salamu 3alaykoom ur sister mervat!
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    Food the Prophet praised

    inshAllah keir...tyt btw its not a good idea to put up sumthing that the prophet did or said when theres no proof..i sumtimes do that so im reminding myself and inshAllah u nxt plz forgive me inshAllah..jazak Allah keir
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    asalam allaikum brothers and sister in islam

    INSHALLAH ur stay here is beneificial,Welcome!
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    Food the Prophet praised

    is there a daleel for these jazak aLLAH kEIR:)??
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    Any Dr's on board, my mums been diagnosed with breast cancer

    May Allah cure ur mum inshAllah..shes inmy duas inshAllah inshAllah this helps In the Name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful Black Seed: A Cure for Every Disease Both Sahihs have reported the hadith narrated by Abu Salamah on the authority of Abu Hurayrah (May Allah...
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    assalamualykum warrahmatullah

    Wa3alaykoom Esalam Welcome to the forums inshAllah ur stay here is beneficial:P
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    I did Shahadah

    wa3alaykoom esalam diana MashAllah tabaraAllah Sis welcome to islam,SubhanAllah Sis Allah has chosen you out of many disbelievers to guide you to the straight path,Allahu Akbar islam is growing day by day Alhumdulilah,May Allah keep u steadfast and grant you and your husband jannat al fardous...
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    Salam all

    Alhumdulilah Allah has showed you the light:)Ur more then Welcome:D
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    Bad Attitudes – Dont Give in to TheM

    :salam2: Bad Attitudes – Dont Give in to Them | Sheikh Muhammad al-Hamad| You might be beset with times of weakness, and this might make you feel that you are a weak person. You imagine that your strength and abilities have left you for good. You don’t feel you have the strength to...
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    You Can Be The Happiest Women In The World !

    Salamu 3alaykoom Ten thoughts to ponder: 1. Remember that your lord forgives those who ask him for forgiveness, and he accepts the repentance of those who repent, and he accepts those who come back to him. 2. Show mercy to the weak and you will be happy; give to the needy and you...
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    salam from Rida

    welcome to d forums sister :D
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    Muslim with HSV2

    Brother ur more then welcome:),inshAllah By Allahs will you will get cured and keep making dua inshAllah.Alhumdulilah u have started to come in2 ur deen thats so good,SubhanAllah Allah loves you he wants you to be closer to him,inshAllah brother ur in our duas,Make dua for us brother for ur duas...
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    New Muslim sister

    Welcome my Sister:D
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    welcome to d forums brotha,inshAllah ur stay here is beneficial
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    seven under the shade of ALLAH

    May ALLAJ reward you with good,inshAllah all of us muslims are under the shade inshAllah,Ameen
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    introducing self

    wa3alaykoom esalam welcome to d forums brother