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    an oposit word game.....

    word beutiful new word:prophet(this is gonna be hard)
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    looking for trustworthy friends

    :salam2: i am a 13 year old boy who is an odd 1 out in class everybody makes fun of me and call me names i have been told by my parents that "...a muslim should not sit on a table where drink is being consumed..." in other words i should not be in their company because they use abusive...
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    I took my shahada last night

    congrats congratulations u are 1 of us muslims now ever need help dont be afraid 2 ask
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    Harun Yahia

    harun yahya if u want 2 know about him go 2 **************
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    :salam2: I would really like some videos or programs of dr.zakirnike thanks p.s. plz dont tell me any links 'coz im not allowed to got to any jazzy site
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    i need to speak to someone live

    whats up what happened
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    The Qur'an in different languages on Pdf file

    thankyou it helped me very much thankyou and may god bless you
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    World Cup Cricket

    world cup winners well i guess austrailia had a great chance to win anyway thank you very much fellow muslim