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    Regarding Fasting

    Assalamualaikum Brothers and Sisters, I have some question regarding fasting. Hope you will help me here. My wife had only 15 fastings during last year Ramadan. She couldn't complete as she was not feeling well. She had an operation and undergo through some medication. Even now she is under...
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    Manzil - Sunnah or Bidah?

    Jazakum Allahu khairan brothers for your posts. They were very helpful.
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    Manzil - Sunnah or Bidah?

    :salam2: Ikhwaan & Akhawat. I have seen manzil (which consists of surah fatiha, first verses of surah baqara, ayatul kursi, last verses of surah bakhara, some verses of surah ali imran, etc... , surah kafiroon, falaq, nas) is recited as cure for evil eye and magic, etc.. Is this the...
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    Question on evil eye

    :salam2: When my daugher is affected with evil eye, please let me know how I can cure her? Is there any action I need to do? I have seen people move their hands up and down with left over food. Is it a valid thing to do in Islam? JazakumAllahu khairan.
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    Some question regarding hair dye

    :salam2: Could you please help me anwer these questions. 1) Is Salat accepted when one has hair dye? 2) Is Gusl completes when one has hair dye? JazakumAllahu khairan. -Your brother in Islam.
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    What options are there?

    Wa Alaikum Salam brother, If you sincerely repent to Allah, and don't do that act again inshaAllah, Allah will forgive your sins.
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    About Jinn in Humanbeing

    what is the proof for it? I have not heard any where about it so far. I might be wrong but can you show me some proof?
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    About Jinn in Humanbeing

    :salam2: Brothers & Sisters. I have a question here. InshaAllah some body will help me here. I heard recenly from my relatives that Jinn has entered into one of their daughters. Is it true? In Islam is that possible that Jinn entering into a person and behave differently? Jazakum Allahu...
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    Question regarding Zakat

    Assalamualaikum, I have some question on Zakat-ul-Maal. Recently I purchased some land and some houses. Do I need to pay Zakat on those property values? I read in some islamic sites that if I have a house for living purpose, I don't need to pay zakat on that. But I don't live in that house...
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    Teddy bears at home

    Assalamualaikum Brothers and Sisters, Some of my non-muslim friends have gifted teddy bears to my daughter. I am thinking whether keeping teddy bears is allowed in Islam or not? Hope some one can help me InshaAllah. Jazak Allahu khairan. -Ridwan.
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    Jakat to Masjid

    :salam2: I have one question regarding Zakat. Can we pay zakat to masjid construction? JazakAllahu khairan.
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    Blessed with baby girl

    :salam2: Alhamdulillah I am blessed with baby girl two weeks back. We named her Nida Maryam Mohammad. I have some questions regarding new births. What are all the obligations from Islam that we need to fulfil once the baby is born? JazakAllahu Khairan.
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    Need help in choosing name

    :salam2: Very good suggestion. My mother wants to add her mother name which is Parveen in the name of my daughter. I don't know whether it is good name islamically to have parveen. At the same time, i dont want to disappoint my mother. In that case, is it ok to have Nidaa maryam parveen...
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    Need help in choosing name

    :salam2: Brothers and Sisters. JazakAllahu khairan for all your suggestions. It is Hayfaa (tall and slender) not Haifa. It is Nidaa (Calling out) not Nada.
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    Question Regaridng Wadu

    :salam2: brothers and sisters. I have some question on Wadu. InshaAllah, you can help me. While making wadu, I stand at water basin and do all parts of wadu except washing my feet. As it is difficult to wash feet in basin, I go to tub and wash my feet there. So, is it ok to move around...
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    Need help in choosing name

    :salam2: brothers and sisters Hope you are in good state of Eman and health. InshaAllah, I will be becoming Father in one month's time. I have some difficulty in choosing my future daughter's name. Could you please help? 1) My last name is Mohammad. Is it mandatory to pass father's...
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    How to trash papers with Allah's name

    :salam2: I have lot of papers with me that has Allah's name and some quran verses. I found lot of them in my house as I am cleaning them. I know I cannot trash them to dust bin(waste basket). Do you have any idean on how to dispose them? JazakAllahu khair.
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    Duvas while pregnant.

    :salam2: My wife is pregnant now. If we read the quran can baby inside can listen to it? I heard from somebody that we need to read more quran so that baby can hear it. What part of the quran should we recite so that baby become righteous? Also are there any special supplications one needs to...
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    Regarding Paypal

    :salam2: I have to use Paypal feature in our community website for our masjid project. I know paypal site but it doesn't give me entire overview of how it works and fee structures, etc.? It has lot of possible options and I don't know what options to select in that site. Is there any article...
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    Can husband and wife pray together?

    :salam2: I got married recently. I have a question. Can husband and wife perfrom salat together one leading another? JazakAllahu khair.