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    Jam Recipes

    Have you ever tried this? or just a copy paste from website :p
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    Content Heart

    Thanks a lot, it was pretty detailed answer. Thanks again as it helped a lot in recalling some basic blocks in this matter. So the concluding flow is "Do right deeds -> Have positive mind towards Allah -> Contented Heart" The problem with above mentioned solution is that, it states a perfect...
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    Content Heart

    Any clue how to have content heart. Please be rational and logical... i know the very common answer. That we Muslims usually believe and is true. But still is there any answers outside the religious point of view. For example some get hurt due to some incident in life that has nothing to do with...
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    Thanks Eman for providing comprehensive answer
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    Marriage Proposal Regret

    These attachments hurts... believe me:( , Thats why they are discouraged in Islam. These feeling of guilt and sorrow will make one less of a human and insensitive. Bad things happen in life, but one should move on and dedicate this place(heart) only for Allah. May Allah heal all the hearts...
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    How long is your roza/ saum?

    17.5 hours Germany :)
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    [Salam from Germany]- Blessings to all of you

    Asalamoalikum, I hope you all are fine and enjoying the beautiful nights and bright days of ramazan. Time passes away so fast. I am looking for purpose of our lives. Alhamdulillah Islam provide us the best and the only answer to my question. But this fast paced world and its needs and deeds...