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    new member from Holland

    Sister Faiza Welcome Sister and try to tell your friends and families about the truth in islam please try to spread the message to every one you have chosen the right path (ISLAM) So now you are one of the luckiest people in the world. Salam from Somalia to all muslims
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    Video Yusuf Estes Journey to Islam. How he became Muslim.

    Masha allah sheik yusuf Jazakalah
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    Favorite Recitors Videos!! (from youtube)

    european scientis empraced islam brothers and sisters masha allah jasaakumulah
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    Video Science student find peace and Logic in Islam. Steven Byers New Muslim Video Convert

    Dear Brother Byers Salaam alaykum Alhamdulilah we so happy to see you in the right path (allah) make us easy to make uderstand others and insha allah they will understand one day the truth religion(ISLAM) Some of the media in america estimate those who convert to islam every year in only...
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    Video Angela Colins Fox News - Muslim After September 11 9/11

    Jazakalah sister Angela insha allah keep it and try to make contact to the new american muslim women or alse where around the world i hope you will get more and more and that will be helpfull to those who are eager deeply to understand islam Salam alaykum
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    The Qur'an in different languages on Pdf file

    Masha allah brothers of turntoislam you have done an amasing job jazakumalah insha alah you will get your reward in hereafter brothers keep up let us all spread the massege it is some thing must for all muslims
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    Alsalamo alikum, New Old Muslim!!

    ASALAMU ALAYKUM ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS Mamoun J. BRO keep learning we muslim need to do more than that insha allah you will reach your goal and that will be not only good for you and your family but all muslims around the world I am muslim brother from somalia A country in East...
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    Video Sister Carolyne in England accepts the truth and becomes Muslim, Love for Islam.

    Asalam Alaykum All brothers and sisters Dear Sister Caroline Masha allah I am Very proud of you keep it up I am here in Somalia praying to those like you to be in Jannah(paradise)+all muslims sALAAM ALAYKUM
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    Video Interviews with Latifa(Rachel) and Her Parents..

    Salaam Alykum all brothers and sisters Lativa Masha allah sister we will pray for you to be in the pradise he who gets Jannah(pradise) is the luckiest of all insha allah all of our muslim brothers and sisters We will meet there insha allah