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    Let me introduce myself

    thanx to you dear:shymuslima1:
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    hello :blackhijab:
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    As Salam Alkyuim newbie here...

    hello there:shymuslima1:
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    Allah is great

    helllo :blackhijab:
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    Let me introduce myself

    hello there:shymuslima1: Why dont you stay in your home with parents and convince them about Islam >>try your best sis:muslim_child:
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    As-Salaam 'alaykum wa-Rahmatullaahe wa-Barakaatuhu,

    I'll be so proud to be one of you're sis>> plz send me if you wish :shymuslima1:
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    May allah help brother >> I'll Pray for you:tti_sister:
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    Video Meet Abdullah A Revert To Islam

    Alhamdo le allah:SMILY206:
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    O Brothers and Sisters! Its time to wake up......

    May alah bless you All:ma:
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    Learn The 99 NAMES OF Allah

    99 NAMES OF ALLAH azawajal AL-QUDDUS (The Holy) AL-MALIK (The Sovereign Lord) AL-RAHIM (The Mercifull) AL-RAHMAN (The Beneficent) ALLAH (The Name Of God) AL-JABBAR (The Compeller) AL-AZIZ (The Mighty) AL-MUHAYMIN (The Protector) AL-MU'MIN...