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    Brothers, were/are you able to literally 'lower your gaze' in a mixed clg/uni/work

    Well brother,this is a major issue for someone who cares.I am tested whenever I am at work. I have a constant battle with shaytan which by Allah's mercy I win sometimes and when I shows weakness in my emaan I lose sometimes and I feel so bad that I promise to my self not to do it ever...
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    anyone from Islamabad/Rawalpindi?

    Yes akhi, I am from there but may I ask what you will be doing there?I think I can help you in what you needs, PM me for further details
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    who is the recitor?

    Assalamoalikum He is one of my favourate reciter Sh Rashid Al Efasi from Kuwait.
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    Assalamoalikum another example what will you do when you know that there is drop of urine in pot of milk, or may be five litre or ten litre what will you do ? giving example of size of pacific ocean is completly irrelevent.something which has been ordered as haram by All Knowing should stay...
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    Assalamoalikum Sheikh Qardawi is not new to controversies, so I am not surprised.I am most ignorant of all but how , when some thing is as explicitly haram in Quran as alchhal can deemed halal, because of little quantity. so next step would be bribe and interest and so on and so forth will be...
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    Pls make dua 4 my dad!!!!

    Assalamoalikum Oh Allah ease the burden from your servent,and prolong his life as long as its good for him. donot test us weak servents, pardon my sister's father and all other muslaymeen and muslimaat. Ammen
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    Omar bin Khattab,One of the greatest men ever lived

    Assalamoalikum. I read this and would like share with brothers and sisters,it brought tears in my eyes. The Assassination of ‘Umar ibn Al-Khattab April 4, 2008 on 8:38 pm | In Islam, Sahaba 1 Comment | By Ilm Seeker ‘Umar ibn Al-Khattab (رضي الله عنه‏) was the second khalifa, and one of the...
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    Lal Masjid Massacre

    Assalamoalikum brother you have open wounds once again, justice will be done inshAllah ,murderers may escape punishment in dunya but there will not be a place to hide from the ultimate justice of All-knowing, inshAllah.
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    Assalamoalikum I feel so jealous with you but not in a bad way because it is one of my dream to live in syria with my childern, specially that I visited damascus and halab ( aleppo) and I felt so touched with the country ,the mosques, the castles the battlefields, everything so attached with...
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    **who was Prophet's (pbuh) BROTHER???QUIZ

    Ofcourse not, Hamza (may Allah's blessing on him) was brother of RasulAllah,s father so he was his(peace and blessing on him) uncle 'NOT' brother.
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    Is it permissible or not

    Assalamoalikum ofcourse it is permissible, if they don't touch it how can they find the truth in it.
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    Arrested in Starbucks

    Assalamoalikum I am amazed that, such a small incident is blown out of propotion , there are hunderd or may be thousands of our brothers ( some sisters as well) are in western prisons, specially in USA are there, without a crime,without a charge,without any outside contacts, without a legal...
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    Is this considered Haramm?

    Assalamoalikum There is a hadith of The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: ‘If one of you were to be struck in the head with an iron needle, it would be better for him than if he were to touch a woman he is not allowed to.” (Reported by al-Tabaraani...
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    Relative of the Abbasids

    Assalamoalikum I am also a Abbasi, but from malkot( in Abbotabad) Pakistan. and we are litrelly may be million with Abbasi surname, and we also claim to be from Abbasid of bagdad. Allah SWT knows best.
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    Story of a pious worshiper

    Assalamoalikum If everyone on TTI would like to really learn from the story, you all should hear in the awesome voice of Imam Anwar awalki( by the grace of Allah just released from prison). I guarntee that he will become everybody's favourite. address is
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    is there any brother or sister in herefordshire in uk

    Assalamoalikum Please tell me are you brother or sister? because my wife taught somebody whole quran over the phone. Please reply as soon as possible. JazaakAllah
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    mothers in all colors

    Assalamoalikum Not the last one, I have to close my eyes instantly, you should have either deleted or paint it to cover that picture. Rest are wonderful, pure beauty and shows the artistery of the creator.
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    I'm a non- Hijab women

    Assalamoalikum Sister: Although I am your brother, but reading through your experience have tears rolling down my eyes.I wish some of us if not all can gain that strength in our Emaan. Ameen. I can only pray for all my sisters who are observing hijaab only and only for the sake of Allah SWT...
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    Using appropriate language

    You too, What is that 'LOL' assalamoalikum
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    what is your name? what does it mean?

    I would rather tell you my childeren names, as I use my original name in TTI,which means good news, anyway their names are Aamna Maryam Jibreel. please tell me you lot like them or not. Assalamoalikum