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    jesus playing cricket

    :salam2: wa rahmutulaahi wa barakthu dear brothers and sisters, i found this news article and felt weird....ppl are soooo blind sometimes!...may Allah guide all of us to the straight path ameen...
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    What Does Islam Say about Terrorism?

    :salam2: sister muminah92, gud article!...jazaaq Allah khair for sharing :blackhijab:....i wish insha Allah this comes flashing on BBC or on CNN or on any other channel who wish to deframe islam.
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    what is islam?

    :salam2: sister muminah92 and brother taybe smiler, jazaaq Allah for sharing the beautiful poems. may Allah bestow his mercy and blessings on u ameen. ur sis in islam, Aishah.
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    marriage or education?

    :salam2: a_brother, i second that...i have voted the same as sis palestine...marriage is like a shield for muslims... in a world like today ,it is highly recommended! :SMILY209:
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    Worlds Most Beautiful Recitation!!!

    :salam2: brother sharaz....jazaaq Allah khair!...:ma: really nice may Allah bless u and be pleased with ur efforts brother ameen.
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    message for youth from a convert.

    walaikyumasalam wr wb brother abdellah007, jazaaq Allah khair for sharing...:ma:! good advice n soo true alhamdulilaah.
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    I AM OUTRAGED!!!!!!!!!!!

    :salam2: sister Stefana i understand u dear sister but bible has been corrupted by people.....its being revised n everytime u see a new has no more remained a word of god...its been modified as per the desires of some self-centered humans....yes alhamdulilaah we are muslims...
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    Beautify yourself with character

    jazaaq Allah khair for sharing brother mufakkir.....this story is a must read for today's youth.
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    walaikyumaslam wr wb brother SabirIslamdost, :ma:!!...may Allah bless her with more n more taqwa and grant her janaah ameen....shez reallyy koool! :SMILY34:
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    man turns into a tree!

    sis its ignorance what he is doing...may Allah guide him and cure him ameen. walaikyumasalam wr wb sister Amirah ...:ma:! sis i agree with u.. we need to thank Allah as even now if am breathing its only his mercy. may Allah keep all the brothers n sisters in good health ameen...
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    Whispers of the Devil

    walaikyumasalam wr wb a_brother, jazaaq Allah khair for sharing ... beautiful video :ma:! a much needed reminder.
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    man turns into a tree!

    asalamualikyum wa rahmutlaahi wa baraktu dear brothers and sisters - am jus :eek: may Allah cure the brother and support his family ameen. ur sister in islam, Aishah :blackhijab:
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    please help my friend with her husband

    asalamualikyum wa rahmutlaahi wa baraktu sister.... In Marriage The Noble Qur'an 4:19 - O ye who believe! ye are forbidden to inherit women against their will. Nor should ye treat them with harshness that ye may take away part of the dower ye have given them except where they have been...
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    lies as Jokes are Haram!

    walaikyumaslam wa rahmutulaahi wa baraktu....jazaaq Allah khair for sharing brother BoMeshary...a point to keep in mind!
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    Guidence from my Brothers/Sisters Please?

    walaikyumasalam wr wb dear sister Aisha24, am Aishah too jus an extra 'h' :p....sister iam happy that by the grace of the creator of everythin you are looking into islam...hope u are guided to the religion of truth....we humans dont realize why certain things happen in our lives bcoz god is...
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    Look what this non muslim said about Islam !

    walaikyumaslam wr wb brother lukm4n....nice post! jazaaq Allah khair. may Allah give him hidayah and keep us all on the sirat-ul-mustaqeen ameen...islam is beautiful! :muslim_child: ur sister in islam, Aishah.
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    Video Sikh Lady Converted To ISLAM

    :salam2: brother Ameeer....:ma:! Allah guides and strengthens whomever he wills. jazaaq Allah khair for sharing.
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    I am sorry if i offended someone..

    walaikyumaslam wa rahmutulaahi wa baraktu brother shahid abdullah....u r in mi duas brother...may Allah make things easy for u and bestow his mercy on u ameen. its TTI!! :SMILY346: insha Allah no offence here....its gud that u are frank masha Allah. u r our brother we trust u. ur sister in...
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    Do you love your mum or dad the best?

    :salam2: i third that ;)....they are both special in different ways . ur sister in islam, Aishah :blackhijab:
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    My Body is My Own Business

    baarik Allahu feek dear sister :hijabi:. ur sister in islam, Aishah.