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    Is Yu'-Gi-Uh! Haram?

    it's haram , wa alaho a'alam ( he know ) it is haram coz in the card some note said : he (monster on that card) have a power and he called god of war or love , we all believe in one god . we should dont play it at all thanx for important Q
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    How many languages do you speak ?

    I am arabian man , so i speak arabic well , and i can speak english 70% i can speak two language
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    Video Sister Carolyne in England accepts the truth and becomes Muslim, Love for Islam.

    it is cool i hope from allah to guide us to the right way
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    حكم مشاركة الكفار في أعيادهم

    حقيقة عفل عنها الجميل لا تحتاج لرد لانها من الله ورسوله الكريم و ولاكن الكثير اخذها على باب التسامح الدين "واي تسامح " نسأل الله العافية والسلامة تقبل مروري
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    WHY Must some muslims be like this?

    i have one it is masha'at allah , but the islam will raise up again , i know we are careless for our job , i hope we done our work as well as allah sobahana want . i hope so
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    New member

    Welcome to TTI Hi new brother i hope enjoy with us , may allah help us to guide us to the right way Allahoma ameen
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    world is changing

    that video talk about the No. of muslin is grow up faster it is America video ........ it tell the world that our child will live in a new age , it is the age of islamic i hope that video make u happey for all muslims
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    And if they ask you...

    it is amazing it is wonderful place , we cant thing about it , they said : one jannah hieght is between heaven and the earth . i just can say it is amazing Hope Allah gather us in his jannah alahoma ameen
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    Should my wife cover....

    may Allah give us alots knowlage nice Q my brother , ur wife should cover his baby and hair for anyone is not ur father , uncle grandfater , ur mother brother and . i ask allah for make us know what we to do
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    10 month old baby doing Salah

    wonderful it is wnderful may allah make her a good muslima
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    i really need help!

    in that problem u should ignore him dont lesson do anyone said , he cutest boy , u r muslima and Allah , order muslima , dont lesson do bad friend , ask allah to solve that , Allah is the only who solve all muslima problems , may allah help u
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    Video Sana .. Our American Muslim sister from Christianity to Islam

    it wonderful religious Al hamd lulah al islam that women
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    Video Youngest Muslim Reverts in The World. Children in England Turn To Islam.

    it is wouderful what a wonderful video , i ask allah to make them a good muslims , it is cool
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    Character and Conduct of Holy Prophet (saw) PART 1

    greatful thx , u pretty good , thx again , jazaka Allaho kayer
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    If you could meet the Prophet, what would you do…?

    that will be the gift i ever had it i will be my wish to see his face , i will tell him . i love u more the my soul and my father and mother , peace will be upon u
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    Pray for me please

    I am very sorry that is bad , may Allah get them do his jaanaah , we all will do none with stay in that life , i ask allah do have agood death and follow muhammed peace be upon him , in the ferdose , Ameen