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    Free Arabic lessons for beginners, MANCHESTER, UK

    Salam Alikum I would love to learn Arabic to able to read it and speak it Ayshia
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    What chair?

    Thats a good answer
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    Where in the Western World are you living?

    I am from Edinburgh
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    Forgive me Allah

    What a beautiful poem.
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    Sights of Ramzan and Eid

    what beautiful pics....
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    Mosques in Russia

    They are all so very beautiful.
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    Islamic Wallpaper.

    The wallpapers a beautiful.
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    New with names please!

    Salaam Welcome to Islam
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    How Old Are You ?

    Salaam I am 32+
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    Salaam Alikom I'm from Scotland
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    Tattoos Haram in Islam

    :salam2: I have just recently converted to Islam in May of this year, I have tattoos which I got before changing and will not be adding any more since I know now that they are not allowed.
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    New to Islam

    Hello my name is Ayshia I recently converted to Islam in May this year.