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    The Importance of Good Manners

    A muslim can not be a good one if he ignores the importance of the good manners in his life.....with good manner u can make daawa without even utter a word.....your Akhla9 will then speak instead of you. Jazak Allah khairan
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    Airsrikes to Gaza this evening

    La illah illa Allah ...Ina lilah wa ina ilayh rajioun I don't know what to say except hasbouna Allah waniaama lwakil......the rich muslims who are able to stop all what happen in ghaza and Iraq......they spend their money to make more fire between muslims who share the same 3a9ida La illah ila...
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    Is there any natural help for depression I have a mood disorder

    Sister, all what i gonna say, are by experience: the cure is Duaa as Mohamed peace be upon him said the weapon of the believer is Duaa: سلاح المؤمن الدعاء And Allah soubhanaho said in quran : Those who have believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah . Unquestionably, by...
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    Banned from the masjid

    May Allah be with u, say more حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل hasbia Allah waniaama elwakel
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    Banned from the masjid

    I don't know what to say sister but im really shocked what kind of muslim who prevents u from going to Masjid, that is really oppression......What ever u doing or u did, he should not interfere the other part who are non-muslim to stop u legally from approaching to masjid.....He is seriously...
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    new member

    Great thanks to all my dear sisters....May Allah light your path and guide you to the right one, and gather all of us in his jana Firdaws inshAllah
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    new member

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    new member

    Thanks sister a lot. Jazak Allah khair for ur reply.
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    new member

    Salam Alaykom I'm new to this forum, i'm muslim; born muslim, but i still need to learn more, and more about islam....and believe me every day elhamdoulilAllah i discover new things about Islam. Hope i can have friendships with sisters. Fi amani Allah
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    Clean Indoor plants

    what i have at home : lucky bamboo+ foliage+ Aloe vera, especially lucky bamboo doesn't need much light
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    Food For Thought

    Jazak Allah khayran
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    From farm to fridge - is it true?

    Oh my Allah, i couldn't watch the doc more than 2 sec......Hamdoulilah that i'm muslim