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    Islamic TV

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    Introducing Myself as a New Muslim.

    Asalamualaikum All praise is due to ALLAH the almighty. Alhamdulilah you have found the truth, and may ALLAH continue to guide you on the straight and even path.
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    Need all of your Dua's please!

    Asalamualaikum Suma Amin to all the duas.
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    HELP ME...depression....i have completely given up...

    Asalamualaikum May ALLAH help you through your troubled times and make this worldly life easy for you. Remember ALLAH the almighty has said that this entire universe is not even worth more than a wing of a mosquito, so look forward to the akhira with good intentions. wasalamualaikum
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    Asalamualaikum I own a miswak and I use toothbrush, but did you know when using miswak before salat (prayer) ALLAH the almighty gives you 70 times the reward for that prayer. In fact Rasoolulah SWAS would have said to make using the miswak mandatory but he feared that all of us would not be...
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    A Righteous Predecessor Advises his Son

    Asalamualaikum Jazakallahu Khair brother for posting such a beneficial post. May Allah reward you and those who follow this sound advice. May Allah protect us in this world (dunya) and in the hereafter (akhira). Wasalamualaikum
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    Story of a Mother with one eye

    Asalamualaikum Hello brothers and sisters. That was a very heart moving story. I pray that Allah subahana huwa ta ala give us the tawfiq or ability to please our fathers and especially our mothers. Walaikum asalam.
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    Torment of the Grave...

    Asalamualaikum Suma AMEEN to all your duas. May Allah make the test of life easy for us and guide us to his pleasure. Make dua for all muslimeen. Wasalamualaikum.
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    The story of Firawoon's maid.

    Asalamualaikum Suma Amin to your dua.
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    I believe in God and the Last Day

    Asalamualaikum SUMA AMIN may Allah the almighty accept your dua.
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    Fajr question

    Asalamualaikum All praise be to Allah. There is none worthy of worship except Allah the almighty and Muhammad SWAS is his last and final messenger. This question of what to do if one doesnt wake up for Fajr on time has been asked to a very educated Alim(religious scholar) in my masjid, and...
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    How can we help Palestinian children?

    Asalamualaikum All praise be to ALLAH the lord of the worlds. Dear brothers and sisters we must continue to sabr(show patience), For it is easy for ALLAH the almighty to do as he wishes, therefore we should not despair in ALLAHs help but confirm true faith in ALLAH subahanahuata'ala. I know...
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    A hard choice....

    Asalamualaikum All praise be to ALLAH, lord and sustainer of all the worlds. One thing I can say is that the couple should keep complete faith and trust on ALLAH swt meaning, if ALLAH swt decides for this couple to get married than there is nothing that can come in between the marriage, and...
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    Qibla Locator Link -- Pretty cool -- Check it out

    Asalamualaikum jazakallahu khair
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    Very Depressed . What to do?

    Asalamualaikum Alhamdulilah, All praise to Allah the almighty. Brother dont despair. Be PATIENT. Life is a huge test. Everything that happens has been decreed so put your trust in Allah and accept the circumstances, for that would be better. Hope Allah swt takes the burdens off your...
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    Journey to the light

    Asalamualaikum Alhamdulilah, All praise be to ALLAH I am thrilled to read your story. You literally were guided from the depths of darkness(atheism) to the beauty of light (Islam) by Allah the almighty. May Allah swt make your path easy for you and keep you guided. And Insha'Allah we will...
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    Darkest before dawn...update

    Asalamualaikum Subahanallah, walhamdulilah, walaeelaha illallah, Allahuakbar, Sister you have been blessed by Allahs infinite mercy, I pray that Allah the almighty keep you under his protection and other the guided path. I am very thrilled to hear you are moving to a community of muslims and...
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    New Recitation - Surat Aljomoa (الجمــعة)

    Asalamualaikum Mashallah, may Allah swt reward you for your beautiful recitation. And please continue to do so. Wasalam.
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    The Beauties of Hijrah

    Asalamualaikum Mashallah sister, I pray that you and your family stay on the right path the path for those who fear and respect the Almighty. May Allah swt make the path to becoming a hafiz of the glorious Qur'an easy for your son. Wasalamualaikum Please make dua for me as well...
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    A Gift to the Du'at: The 'Ibadah of al-Muraghamah (Angering the Kuffar)

    Asalamualaikum jazakallahu khair for sharing this information with us. wasalam