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  1. mansooranwar

    Facing Him

    May all morning be beautiful all moment in them be fine. May Allah looks at us mercifully when be in most need.. ushers us to Paradise without seeing our deeds.
  2. mansooranwar

    Short Reminder (Salah)

    Mashallah Assalam O Alakum, "Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (Radhiyallaho anho) narrates that once the Prophet (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam) asked his companions, 'Do you believe that dirt can remain on a person bathing five times a day in a brook running in front of his door?' 'No', replied the...
  3. mansooranwar

    Law and Order

    Good..reminder :salam2: Yes also I heard that we should appoint a leader (Amir ) even if there are two pepole togather else Shaitan becomes their leader and try to cause trouble etc. I am looking for the source of this though.
  4. mansooranwar

    Abu Bakr

    JazakAllah :salam2: Nice story bro....many lessons in it
  5. mansooranwar

    wodhu & salah

    Hmm Assalam O alkom,I think as long as you donot enter in the time zone of preceding Salah (Asr in your case)one can pray..of course best is to pray as soon the time of prayer starts and whole earth is O.K for us to pray.. Allah ho Aleem wa Raheem wa Kareem
  6. mansooranwar

    why Salah ?

    JazakAllah.. Assalam O Alakum,Thanks I needed this reminder....bro
  7. mansooranwar

    Way of Prophet(S)

    Good reminder Salam,Jazak u mullah khairen,
  8. mansooranwar

    My little two bits..

    Why go out. Assalam alakomWhy these people go to different area and not work in there own community I hope somone can answer that.
  9. mansooranwar

    Death in Islam...

    Good reminder....... :jazaak: Reminding always benefits ........ Wassalaam
  10. mansooranwar

    no time to pray

    May Allah help you with a beautiful job'' :salam2: you are right it seems impossible, :girl3: but one who decide to help him or her self Allah's help does come to them in misterious ways ,:hearts: , so keep the hopes and look for a better job so you can enjoy both of the worlds...
  11. mansooranwar

    What was the hardest thing to give up.

    JazakAllah Assalam O alakum, Good advise to be patience with new convert friend of mine, any thing else to help a very good friend who is trying is best but somtimes slip out with drinks .. I am sure over time he will be O.K InshaAllah. As I read that alchol was gradually given order to...
  12. mansooranwar

    What was the hardest thing to give up.

    :bismillah: :salam2: Dear brothers and sisters, What was the hardest thing you had to struggle with.:rolleyes: .. ie Drinking, Friends, Type of foods, etc etc May Allah rewards you immensely ... and make you shine like the Stars on the sky.. :mashallah...
  13. mansooranwar

    Warning! Revert/Convert or you want to Revert/Convert:A letter for you from a Convert

    Social Skills or else :salam2: Very important issues, my humble opinion is that although there are lots of muslims out there many are casual muslim we take and practice what we can today and we are in a state that its more then satisfactory to us, while the whole purpose of us muslims was...
  14. mansooranwar

    The Young Marriage of 'Aa'ishah, The Mother of the Believers.

    Jazak Allah :salam2: :jazaak: as a revert frient was asking me the answer for the same question, now I have the answer. May Allah increase our love for our prophet :saw: :shahadah:
  15. mansooranwar

    Who can anwser this question?

    Sense of humour?? :salam2: No ;) in this disscussion :jazaak: :biggrin: :biggrin: :astag:
  16. mansooranwar

    Prophet Muhammad (S)- poem

    Ameen :salam2: :subhanallah: The final prophet Mohammad :saw: the example for the people to learn from and follow to get closer to their lord till the day of judgement.. what a leader what a teacher what a person what a husband what a father what a relative and what a winner of...
  17. mansooranwar


    Best wishes and Duaas :salam2: Many duaas and best wishes to you and request for the same... Your brother, Mansoor
  18. mansooranwar

    Madresa Ashraful Uloom

    Assalmau Alykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu Ramadan Mubarak ! Darul Uloom comes to Toronto in Cordoba style DarulUloom of Canada is situated in Bowmanville, approximately 30 minutes drive from Toronto. Nestled in a quiet community, now expanding with growing housing offers, this...
  19. mansooranwar

    Assalamalaykum from uk

    Allah Ho Akber Assalam O akakum Welcome to the brotherhood of Islam, please be in touch and visit daily for whichever prayer suits your timetable, and learn from the learned about the answers. Common Muslims now a days have different levels of knowledge, practices understandings etc...
  20. mansooranwar

    Are you ready for your turn?

    Being Aware and Active.. We all should remind this to our self again and again and prepare for this journey which every one has to take.....