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    Friends Forever?

    masha allah ur talk is always full of wisdom....
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    Are we just happy in our lifes ???????

    salam alikum:shymuslima1: look ....hhh they konw that they are humilated and that all what they believed in and followed and did are nonsense they tried to sell their bible..and try to convince people sepciially the poor ones' with what ..with MONEY MONEY.... L7awla wala qowata...
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    Allah=Love...2much love!

    jazaka allah every khir here and in life after
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    قيل لزاهد : كيف سلخت نفسك عن الدنيا ؟ قال أيقنت انى خارج منها كارها , فأحببت ان اخرج منها طائعا.
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    حكم استعمالِ الأذان والقرآن الكريم بدلا &#1605

    very beneificial masha allah may allah reward u
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    كل عام وأنتم بخير

    امين وانت ايضا
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    كلّنا صيادون لكنّ الشباك تختلف

    اللهم امين و جميع المسلمين جزاكم الله كل الخير
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    how to Get rid of ur bad habits

    salam alikum wa rahmatu allahi taala wa baraktuh; in fact,this thread is very benefecial as much as informative both you and sister Ravenm721...jazakum allah khayr .may allah sobhanahu wa taala reward you with jannatu al firdaou's and all muslims
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    ameen masha allah what a wonderful and meaningful stroy.. may allah sobhanahu wa taala reawrds with al ajr wa tawab ameennnnnnnn
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    Every Century Will Have its Reviver(s)

    salam alikum jazakum allahu khairan katiran may allah reaward you and all muslims with al ajerr wa tawah ammennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
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    Finally peace is done

    salam alikum what a wonderfull news masha allah taala dear ukhtii all thanks go all allah sobhanahu wa talaala .and to you sister ....may allah sobhanahu wa taala guide to the right path and all muslims ammeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
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    Different: Free-verse poem.

    sala, alaikum yarahmatu allah mashaa allah taala ;very beneficial may reward u with the higtest rank in al jannah and all muslims
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    الله نور السماوات والارض

    jazakum allah kol khir for this beneficial explanation
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    Three Persons Whose Supplication will not be rejected

    jazaka allahu khairan katiran dear bro for sharing it with us
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    بلاد الشام تحفها أجنحة الملائكة

    salam alikum wa rahmatu allah taala wa barakatuh, jazaka allah every khir here and in life after
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    I love this nasheed! ~SubhanAllah~

    very excilent nasheed masha allah jazakum allahu kairan for sharing it with us
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    Muslim Beard ?'s

    salam alikum wa rahmatu allah taala wa barakatuh, may Allah ease things for you akhi ,and you overcome all your obstacles soon insha Allah .. just Bear in mind that Allah sobhanahu wa taala is with you whenever you are don't forget to make dou'aa each prayer and nafila and especially...
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    Surat Al-Haqqah by Mohamed Al-Barrak

    i have already heard and liked it so much masha allah taala that chekh has a very beautiful voice sobhana allah taala jazaka allah every khir for sharing it with us
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    Monopolizing Salafiyyah

    jazaka allah khairan katiran very beneficial masha allah
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    happy alhamduliallah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!