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  1. ummu thany

    your sister from saudi Arabia

    :salam2: sister sarah :) :SMILY206: to tti family. Insha Allah we can get news about saudi arabia from you in future. wassalam.
  2. ummu thany

    there should be boundaries between each others

    :salam2: subahanallah it's very true sis jasmine. same thought I had. May Allah (swt) reward you for this good reminder.
  3. ummu thany

    A Cry from A Chat Victim - good lesson for us all

    :salam2: oooooooooops not meeeeeee.:girl3: pls read the post again. sorry for the inconvenice.
  4. ummu thany

    A Cry from A Chat Victim - good lesson for us all

    :salam2: its not me. Pls read the post again. sorry for the inconvenice.:girl3:
  5. ummu thany

    A Cry from A Chat Victim - good lesson for us all

    :salam2: you are right sis zaynub :). we all pray for that sis insha allah. wassalam
  6. ummu thany

    No food, no water, no hope

    SHEIKH SHAHZAD JALALA CAMP, Mardan, Pakistan – The military may be winning the war against the Taleban in the Swat Valley but the government appears to be losing the battle to cope with at least half a million people displaced by the fighting and heading for the various relief camps being...
  7. ummu thany

    A Cry from A Chat Victim - good lesson for us all

    :salam2: this is a post I got from a web site. I thought to share with all because from this we can learn a lesson and beware from the evil things. may Allah (swt) protect all of us from the evil path. Ameen :tti_sister: Assalam Aleikom wa Rahmatullah wa barakatuh I hope you can be of...
  8. ummu thany

    sharing with u all

    I am a Muslim woman Feel free to ask me why When I walk I walk with dignity When I speak I do not lie I am a Muslim woman Not all of me you'll see But what you should appreciate Is that the choice I make is free I'm not plagued with depression I'm neither cheated nor abused I...
  9. ummu thany

    "If you accept ...............!!!

    A man came to Ibrahim ibn Adham, may Allah be pleased with him, and said, "Abu Ishaq, I am unable to control my lower self. Please give me something to help me with it." "If you accept five conditions," said Ibrahim, "and are able to put them into practice, your disobedience will not cause...
  10. ummu thany


    jazzakkallahu kharan for the reply. she is doing GCE A/S
  11. ummu thany

    When is the “hour of response” on Friday?

    :salam2: There are two opinions concerning the hour of response on Friday which are likely to be correct: The first is that it lasts from after ‘Asr until the sun sets, for those who sit and wait for Maghrib, whether that is in the mosque or at home, making du’aa’ to their Lord, whether...
  12. ummu thany


    :salam2: sisters and brothers in islam hope you are all in good health and emaan. my daughter is going to sit her exam on Tuesday insha Allah. Pls pray for her.
  13. ummu thany

    I am a new sister

    :salam2: :SMILY206: to TTI family. you can increase your knowledge through this site insha Allah. may Allah (swt) reward for your good intention of helping reverts. Ameen. :tti_sister:
  14. ummu thany

    Don't Waste!!!

    Ten Things We Waste 1. Our Knowledge: Wasted by not taking action with it. 2. Our Actions: Wasted by committing them without sincerity. 3. Our Wealth: Wasted by using on things that will not bring us ajr (reward from Allah). We waste our money, our status, our authority, on things which...
  15. ummu thany

    The Prohibition of Pork: A Scientific Proof

    Allah says: [Say (O Muhammad), "I find not in that which has been inspired to me anything forbidden to be eaten by one who wishes to eat it, unless it be Maytah (a dead animal) or blood poured forth (by slaughtering or the like), or the flesh of swine (pork, etc.) for that surely is filth, or...
  16. ummu thany

    The Prohibition of Pork: A Scientific Proof

    Con't......... The prohibition covers all its edible parts, including its fat. The prohibition of fat for Jews only shows that it is counted as meat, since Almighty Allah says: highly advanced countries. This is counter to their claims of the possibility of purging it through modern...
  17. ummu thany

    Please help. My job might be at stake.

    :salam2: Jazakk-Allahu khairan for this useful link.
  18. ummu thany


    :salam2: welcome to the TTI family. Most of the dreams comes from shaihithan. before go to bed recite du'as,Ayathul Qurci and qul surahs regularly. insha Allah evry thing will be fine.
  19. ummu thany

    An important note for everyone.

    :salam2: Ameen for you du'a sister.:tti_sister:
  20. ummu thany

    Weight loss pill could mess up mind, banned

    :salam2: Jazakk-Allahu khairan for sharing.