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  1. MusLiMah_Kubra

    Question: Forgiveness means no punishment???

    Assalam alaikum wa rahmatul lahi wa barakatuhu Allah swt says in the Qur'an,“Say: O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” [Sûrah al-Zumar: 53] So does that mean He will...
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    Decorated Deceptions : Hollywood ,Bollywood, Lollywood, Tollywood……

    :salam2: Consider this : A bat man jumping from hundredth floor and getting up unscratched, Superman flying in the sky faster than a plane. Tom and Jerry are run over by a heavy roller and they get up unhurt, Micky mouse dressed up for a party and smelling excellent. Now compare them with a...
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    Are Lullabies Haram in Islam?

    :salam2: It is well-known that music is haram in Islam, does that include lullabies? Please list authentic sources. Jazakallahu khairan
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    :salam2: I might have posted this to IslamQA but then it will be long till i get an answer. I have been trying to observe itekaaf from the last 4 Ramadans but there are certain situations i am unable to decide about. I did sit for Itekaaf last Ramadan but had to discontinue it after 3 days due...
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    The Husband Who Was Too Shy To Look At His Wife (a moving story)

    Walaikum as salam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu Yes, read it on FB, thought of sharing it here. :)
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    Health Tips for Ramzaan

    Masha-Allah great post, Jazakallah Khair Thank u for sharing :)
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    Saved for Me

    Assalam alaikum Jazakallahu Khairan for the reminder. Allah-humma-salli-wa-sallim-alaa-nabiyyina-Muhammadin
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    The Husband Who Was Too Shy To Look At His Wife (a moving story)

    :salam2: This story was recounted by Prof. Khalid Al-Jubeir, consulting cardiovascular surgeon, in one of his lectures: Once I operated on a two and a half year old child. It was Tuesday, and on Wednesday the child was in good health. On Thursday at 11:15 am – and I’ll never forget the...
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    Why do people have to leave each other?

    :salam2: SubhanAllah beautiful post... so true.. JazaakAllahu Khayran
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    marriage advice..

    Assalamalaikum Subhan-Allah... Allah swt bless the couple abundantly in both the worlds Ameen JazaaKallahu Khairan ukhti for sharing .. Its a pleasure to know there are Muslims with such strong Imaan...Allah swt guide us too & strenghthen our Imaan Ameen..
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    Daily Muslim Worship Plan

    Assalamalaikum wa rahmatul lahi wa barkatuhu Mashaa-Allah such a beautiful & beneficial post. This is really going to help me...Jazakallahu Khairan wa kaseeran.. ur every post has been beneficial... SubhanAllah
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    my ramadhaan blog

    :salam2: Subhan-Allah, Very benefecial blog...everything under one roof.. Jazaakallahu khairan wa kaseeran... Baarakallahu feek
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    9 things a Women on Menses can do in Ramadan

    :salam2: Jazaakallahu khiaran bro...
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    Is there any special virtue in fasting during the month of Rajab?.

    :salam2: Fasting in the month of Rajab Is there any special virtue in fasting during the month of Rajab?. Praise be to Allaah. Firstly: The month of Rajab is one of the sacred months of which Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “Verily, the number of months with...
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    Recommend an Islamic Book?

    Assalamalaikum Bro Salahdin has suggested excellent books...i would like to add one.. its a must - 'Don't be sad' by Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni It exposes to the modern reader how Islam teaches us to deal with the tests and tribulations of this world. Allah swt strengthen ur Emaan & guide u...
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    Why is Abu Baqr 'as-Siddique'?

    :salam2: During his last days the Prophet (pbuh) made an anouncement: I have returned the obligations of every one who has obliged me, except Abu Baqr, only Allah can ruturn his obligations...... This statement means a lot to judge the stature of a man whose life remains a parameter of...
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    The Terrible Consequences of Not Praying Salah

    :wasalam: Jazaakallahu khairan Indeed benefecial article..
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    Coping with the death of your beloved

    :salam2: Jazakallahu khairan for sharing...
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    Is it enough to believe or do you have to practice?

    :salam2: 9z5URk_TXU0 :wasalam:
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    To all My beloved sisters...

    :salam2: This is a beautiful video ....beautiful advices.. nCLI8KinIMo :wasalam: Stay blessed blissful & beautiful Inshaallah Allah swt guide & protect us all Ameen