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    Although, polygamy is allowed in Islam, the Qur'an actually encourages believers to marry only one. Polygamy is something for the man responsible and willing enough for the challenge.
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    I've turned to Islam

    Allahu Akbar!!!
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    advice needed about jinn

    I'm afraid, I'm not sure to enough to be able to give advice. It's not a subject that's brought up very often.
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    A Call To Christians!

    Nice post.
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    forgive me if seemed harsh in a thread

    Thank you very much, sister Aapa
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    What do you feel...

    That's deep. It makes all that I have done for my parents seem like nothing, compared to these people.
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    I do plan on convert/reverting to Islam.

    I'm glad to hear that you are coming ever so close to finally embracing Islam. I wouldn't put it off for too long though. I say this because none of us are certain of a tomorrow. That's one thing Islam constantly stresses. You can embrace Islam no matter what the situation, really. If your...
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    NYC Press conference

    there are still just so many people that are ignorant about islam and muslims. people assume that most muslims are arabs and that all arabs are muslims. i think thats dangerous because it can cause people to think that non arab muslims are less muslim than the arab muslims and cannot be seen as...
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    Does Bin Laden's logic make sense ?

    one thing that has to be factored in is that the vast majority of Americans dont want their tax dollars going to the wars in iraq and afghanistan. thats very important, because by law we have to pay taxes, but it doesnt mean that we agree to where our tax dollars go.
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    IOF troops demolish mosque near Yatta, Palestine

    you never hear these stories on the american news networks. i cant understand how the republican party in particular can be so supportive of israels actions like these. we would never tolerate mexicans crossing the border and knocking down our homes, schools and churches because mexicans...
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    Ok, new guy and a few questions

    how can you say that you arent a racist? lol would the bad things that black people have done to you or family members be any better if they were white? how can you have black friends and not be fond of black people? you think that there haven't been white people that have done these things...
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    forgive me if seemed harsh in a thread

    :salam2: thank you. i hope so too. :wasalam:
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    the content of most music alone, would probably make it haram

    :salam2: i know that at least two or three times a week, someone begins a thread about music. usually the poster is of the view that music is haram, but there are also respondents that feel that music is neither halal nor haram. thus the debate gets very heated and eventually the thread gets...
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    question about hijab

    :salam2: thank you sister.
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    forgive me if seemed harsh in a thread

    :salam2: the more and more that I read qur'an and sunnah, the more i realize that the road to jannah isn't easy. there have been a few posts that were made recently here on TTI, regarding hijab, and needless to say it was a very very hot topic to say the least. I wont place blame on...
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    question about hijab

    Let me clarify again. Who is to say that shedding the wearing of hijab, can't lead to the shedding of other Islamic things? My point is that when we give up something Islamic because that thing isn't convenient for us, it can lead us to give up other Islamic things as well that we find...
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    question about hijab

    First of all, I didn't call her lazy nor did I say that she was a sinner. What I was trying to say that if a Muslim woman isn't wearing hijab at home or outside, there's a strong likelihood that that woman isn't praying. How serious would you take me as a Muslim man if I were clean shaven, wore...
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    question about hijab

    When it comes to Allahs commands, we in reality don't have any choice. If I'm not mistaken, doesn't a sister need to be with hijab in order to perform salah? When I see a non hijabi woman that declares herself to be Muslim, I usually get under the impression that she most likely doesn't pray. I...