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    What is your identity?

    1) Identity crisis? Please elaborate. Im proud to be a Muslim if thats what you mean O.o lol. 2) I consider myself just plain Muslim. But when speaking to others i may say that im an American Muslim. I think nationality plays a big role in developing people's moral and social values. If...
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    Applying Islam in a western culture?

    Thank you everyone for your responses, it sure made me re-think alot of stuff. Jazakallah Khairan I just hate it when you see other people fine with it... When i wasnt aware of many stuff in Islam like talking with Women, i met a few that looked to me took Islam very seriously. However they too...
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    Applying Islam in a western culture?

    :salam2:, hope everyone is well inshallah I wanted to talk about this because i believe its a vital issue in America particularly. Im an American Muslim near the end of High School, but i struggle to apply Islam to all aspects of my life, its very hard when you see your peers doing what you...
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    What are your views regarding this saudi imaam?

    I listened to part of the Dua, maybe its just me i felt like he was a bit extreme at some parts. Like when he said "To you, oh Allah, do we complain the injustice of spiteful christians". Isnt that kind of say single-ing them out when there are many people of different faiths that are spiteful...
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    Nature or by Nurture?

    :salam2: everyone, Hope everyone is at their best. Has anyone here taken a psychology class? If they have im sure they have heard of this debate. I just got introduced to it, however its very mind-boggling. A big topic, Does the key to who we are lie in our Genes, or in our family, friends...
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    Cannot attend Jummah because of work?

    :salam2: , Hope everyone is doing well in this blessed month :) I have a bit of a problem, i have a job at a movie theater but my ramadan schedule does not become active until one more week. The scheduling manager is Muslim so i told her i cannot work Nights because of Taraweeh and Ifthar, and...
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    Anger and Attitude in Islam?

    :salam2: , Hope everyone is doing well Inshallah I was taught in Islam that the slightest hint of anger is from Shaytan, and that one of the famous sayings of the Prophet :saw: was "Do not get Angry,Do not get Angry, Do not get Angry". From this i have acquired a ton of patience for people who...
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    Father does not let me go to Mosque..?

    Jazakallah khair, I will definately keep your words in mind. p.s- I'm a brother , only 16 n a half :p
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    Father does not let me go to Mosque..?

    Assalamualakum, I have a big problem with my father and it's that he doesn't let me go to the mosque. My father always wants me to go somewhere else with him like shopping. I have not had a very good relationship with my father even though I try very hard and give him the most respect I can...
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    Need help on creating a nice Khutba!

    :salam2: Brother's and Sister's Some may remember me from some time ago , i was away because i had a ton of finals and some other issues so alhumdulilah im almost done with all that :). This friday for my High School iv been assigned a Khutba, My subject will be on raising the Iman and getting...
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    [Q] Looking at nudity in terms of Education?

    Bump? anyone has any clue?? :O
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    [Q] Looking at nudity in terms of Education?

    Yup you are right frank, hopefully someone here has knowledge of this if not then i will go and ask a Shiekh.
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    Why your name?

    My name is shamim56 because my name is Shamim and.. i just like the number 56, i end every account on any website with that number :p
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    [Q] Looking at nudity in terms of Education?

    :salam2: Everyone My cousin asked me a very good question the other day and it was about nudity in terms of education. He say's wants to know if it is bad looking at it for educational purposes like at school or a book. It also goes for the subject in becoming a doctor. He say's you have to...
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    Hell or cold?

    I have read an article here a long time ago that in hell there is a part where no one can escape and farthest from Allah. And that place was cold part , imagine Antarctica but like 20x the blizard and cold level lol. I am not sure if that is the lowest but it's one of the lowest I should start...
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    [Q] The 3 Parts to a Soul and the Jinn that is always with you?

    Thanks frank! Il be sure to look those terms up
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    Hello, i'm new here!

    Welcome to the site brother! You are like me, i have only become a practicing Muslim within the last year and we should be grateful Allah Has shown us this path Alhumdulilah. You will enjoy your stay here im very sure of it :)
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    [Q] The 3 Parts to a Soul and the Jinn that is always with you?

    :salam2: everyone Once during last ramadan i went to Fajr at the mosque and a person was giving a speech about the 3 parts to a soul. I want someone to clarify if what im remembering is correct. The first part is resembled as "The good part" and it Allah Glorifies it when you do somthing...
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    US soldier 'waterboards' daughter

    It Doesnt matter what he did was very wrong and just for not the saying the alphabet the guy has some anger issues to fix
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    he he..

    Thanks for the info! However remember that the one on running varies on how fast you are running and how long can you keep a good pace. The only thing i hate is that i literally never eat those vegetables unless they are cooked in some other food my mom makes so usually with all the oil and...