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    niqab...a bigg problem??

    salamun alayk sister i'd like to wear niqab too one day..but im not ready yet..i'd like to cover my awrah slowly and show it to my mahram only,insyaAllah.. for ur information,niqab is one of the prime factor that makes me curious to learn more about islam...and alhamdulillah,Allah SWT has...
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    help with study??

    salamun alayk think the best way is always to put ur best effort and then leave it to Allah.and always pray to Him to ask for His guidance.Have faith in the Qadha and Qadar (predestination). if this a last minute study,just analyse the past year papers and see the trends of...
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    can i get some wellcome?

    salamun alayk welcome dear... ukhuwahfillah..
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    Talk about Islam but...

    assalamualaikum i agree with all the views and opinions above..for your information,my experience is more or less the same with you.someone made me realized that it is our duty to give dakwah to other people and spread the knowledge of islam eventhough we feel like we dun have sufficient...
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    Video The Life of Cat Stevens and How he Became Muslim.

    salamun alayk.. the video inspires me to use whatever talents i have and maximizing my potential capabilities to the fullest...i really wish to be like him,insyaAllah.. n yeah...famous and wealth are not everything in life but they can be very influential tools to spread the words of Allah