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    British torture of Iraqis

    :salam2: Baha Mousa inquiry: soldier's diary The inquiry into the death of Iraqi detainee Baha Mousa heard extracts from a diary kept by Private Stuart MacKenzie, of the Queen's Lancashire Regiment, while on tour in Iraq. Private MacKenzie was one of the soldiers guarding Mr Mousa...
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    What is your excuse ?

    :salam2: Not having Quran Mushaf (Book) doesnot stop Muslim Children in Somalia from studying Quran. What excuse do we have for not reading and studying Quran ? Read more about them --> :wasalam:
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    Urdu: Shaadiyan Kaiku Late Horai - Hyderabadi Ishtyle

    :salam2: A video on a serious Social problem we face in the subcontinent. We might not agree with all of it. But, the problem is really serious. And the Solution is very simple. Please watch and forward it. PmQpkbjqhsM
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    Saudi jobs 2010/2011

    :salam2: Brothers and Sisters, I'm really sorry for the delay in response. Most of the jobs in Saudi are (unfortunately) dependent on Nationaity, and are not equal opportunity jobs. For example, English Teachers are never recruited from Indian subcontinent. Similiarly, low level jobs...
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    Wake up, al dajjal is here as we speak.

    :salam2: :salam2: As Salaamu 'Alaykum Brother, It is amazing how Imran Husain and "The Arrivals" folks ignore the question of the Sahaba and answer of the Prophet :saw: which is mentioned in the same hadith which they quote. It leaves no room for conspiracy theories. Below is the Hadith...
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    Rabbis in Jerusalem chant "Muhammad" !!!

    O Jews and Christians! Your books mention Prophet Muhammad :saw: cur_6aYs_7k
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    Who is the Happy One?

    :salam2: DlcS9TbeF_k :wasalam:
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    Urdu Lessons

    "kiya naam hai" means "what is name ?" "aap kaa naam kiya hain" means "What is YOUR name?"
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    Urdu Lessons

    Naam = Name is Masculine in gender. Even if it is a name of a female. So you always say Mera Naam and not Meri Naam
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    Gunman captured after Missouri shooting spree

    :salam2: And Millions of Iraqis, Afghanis, Native Indians, Vietnamese, Japanese don't have any opninion about America.... They we were all Killed by Americans
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    Gunman captured after Missouri shooting spree

    US was "supposedly" winning Vietnam war, until Daniel Ellsberg leaked the papers. Iraq "supposedly" had WMD's, until millions of innocents were killed, Saddam was hanged and he never used WMD's. Before Usamah, Fidel Castro, Kim Jong Ill, Saddam Husain were also "supposedly" perverts. US Govt...
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    A couple generic questions running through my head...

    :salam2: #5 has been discussed previously --> What's Deobandi? :wasalam:
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    Need Urgent Help

    As Salaamu 'alaykum Brother, People take time to commit or make radical changes to their lifestyle...Let her explore and read and listen more about Islaam. :wasalam:
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    Combining salaat due to rain

    :salam2: From --> Is it permissible to join Zuhr and ‘Asr prayers, or Maghrib and ‘Isha’, when it is raining?. Praise be to Allaah. There is a concession allowing Maghrib and ‘Isha’ prayers to be joined at the time of...
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    Combining salaat due to rain

    :salam2: Brother, I believe a student of Shaykh Al Albanee Rahimahullah has written as small book just only on this topic quoting the reference of hadeeths on combining Salah in times of abnormal weather conditions. When I was in Jordan, everyday the maghrib and isha Salawat were combined in...
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    Marathi Translation of The Holy Quran MP3

    JazakAllahu Khayran Brother!
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    100% Medicine/Engineering/Management Scholarships, India

    :salam2: Medical/engineering Scholarships for Muslim students in India from IRF. :wasalam:
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    :salam2: Sister, This is link has urdu lectures, these are little academic style lectures (with notes too), going into details...I wish I had some debates of the Brother, he debates with beautiful manners. :wasalam:
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    Shaykh Sa'eed Da'as Taraweeh from Dammaj, Yemen

    Shaykh Sa'eed Da'as Taraweeh from Dammaj, Yemen