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    chechenia^Allahu akbar ^

    jazakAllahu hayra island muslim.... :blackhijab:
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    a sister from Turkey ** As Salamu Alaikum **

    esselamu aleyki bacımm hoşgelmişsin...actualy ı m new member here :) welcome between us...hayırlı olsun üyeliğin :)
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    A new muslim is born :D

    mashAllah may Allah protect his....ı will get a brother after 3 months inshAllah..actually me n my family think of name for his .. how is Hamza Handala according to u ? :muslim_child:
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    He memorized the entire Qur’an in 50 days!

    wowwwwwww mashAllahuakbar ..wallahe ı wanna hıfz entire quran be hafez ,it s excellent
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    these re great sentences..masHAllah...
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    Assalamu Alaikum

    brother,ı myself hmm no ,no it s not enought ...but it s partly serviceable,simply u must probe deed into chechenya jihad... for exapmle my subject s about chechenya n resistance of chechenya and sheyh shamel in islam history lesson...ı searched too much ...especially ı searched on ıslamic...
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    a duwwa for my UMMAH

    amiiin acmaen
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    Name a surah!

    surah al-hashr r
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    chechenia^Allahu akbar ^

    :salam2: this video is in turkish speech ..a turk nasheed songs n arabic, ı luv these wassalam
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    Assalamu Alaikum

    :salam2: u can look these sites ıf my english s good , ı wanna tell it like it s
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    *Im a Proud Muslim Girl*

    :salam2: mashAllah indeed it s a superb poetry explains about hijab n why girls cover theirself ... vassalam vaddua
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    Name a surah!

    surah al-ahzaab b
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    La elah ela allah

    ooww sorry my arabic s not gud :( ıf ı can understand this ,ı ll translate to english
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    Allah is great

    assalamu aliokum actually ı m new member here,too u can not porst a url ..because yr message must be more than 15..u must active in forum..
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    Name a surah!

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    As Salam Alkyuim newbie here...

    va aliokum salammmmmm ohh mashAllah u have got 4 children mashAllah ...welcome here older sister :) actually ı m new member,too ::shymuslima1:
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    Class in the Gaza

    amiiin amiiiin ..wallahi ı wanna go near them but ı know ı work hard n ı must send helping them
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    Nasheeda For kids نشيده

    mashAllah ..ı liked
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    Long live Palestine!

    we ll never forget our palestian sisters n brothers ....thnx my name sake for yr sharing
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    Name a surah!

    surah al hood d