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    ATrue Muslim , a Leader & a Man

    MaasyaaAllah, How happy i was when Erdogan won the vote as a prime minister of Turkey and solute his action so far alhamdulillah. May Allah be with him in tackling all the task that he is facing right now with NATO and with his none muslim Cabinet/Military insyaAllah.
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    Timeline of Years of Deaths. Years of Deaths of Scholars

    Jazak'Allahu Khairan, those names of Sahabah who died in the path of Islam (Allah/Rasulullah s.a.w.) did'nt die for nothing. They died because of Allah/RasulAllah s.a.w. and Islam. May Allah bless them, ameen ya robbul alameen.
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    Subhanallah, saying is praying......
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    * Top 10 (Christian)Missionary Tactics, trying to convert you! *

    Astagfirallah'elazeem, last time two young couple knocked at my door and asked me to let them it to talk about Christianity but i excuses myself as i was busy that time. I actually shd have let them in and tell them to be fair that after they explained about Christianity let them hear about...
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    Assalamualeikum, Before Saidina Umar Al Khattab r.a came to Palestine the ppl who controlled the city were Arab called Kana'an even the key to the city was held by their leader. Later after Roman Empire attacked the place they masacred all the muslim there (i'm sorry as i unable to quote the...
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    something that came to mind while taking a CPR class

    Assalamualeikum everybody, these situation is called 'harus', besides halal & haraam 'harus' is where the help is more important but to avoid embarrassment from the patient, some volunteers are needed to cordon round the area - its ok looked by some then all.
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    please pray for my family

    Jazak'Allahu Khair. I recite that du'a averyday just to get rid of laziness as i cannot afford to be lazy for my family. I suggest besides completing our 5 daily prayers, we can do an extra 2raka'ah solat after 9am and the latest is before 11.30am that is sunat dhuhaa (nawaitu sunnatul dhuhaa...
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    could some1 help me out?

    Wa'eleikum salam, Those who claimed that they're muslim but hurting themselves are considered ignorant muslim as they never learn the true law of Islam. Wallahu alam.
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    "I am Istrial"

    Israel was born with the help of Churchill (UK) and Rosevelt (America) after the 2nd world war by asking some land from Palestines to replace some of Jews refugee from Europe. Why did'nt they spare some other land in America or other European countries? No, they did'nt want other area because...
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    The Bermuda triangle in Islam. Do Muslims believe this?

    Assalamualeikum, these penomenon could have something to do with the history of Prophet Luth when the area around the Atlantic ocean streaching from Jordan, Israel and the islands in West Indies including Bermuda in southern parts of America were destroyed by the earthquack. (Wallahualam...
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    I feel attached to this dunya

    Assalamualeikoom, The most important thing that not everybody can afford in life is 'SABR' (patient) as Allah surely will test us. Just be patient even sometimes u'll feel hurt for what ppl gossip behind u or make fun of u, i believe if u really patent, no retaliation insyaAllah Allah will be...
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    Muhammad (PBUH)

    Jazak'Allah Khair, Allah humma sollee 3la Muhammad wa3la aleehee Muhammad. Our Rasoolullah's plesure was in his prayers, may we all able to follow his footsteps, ameen.
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    Behind Israel's Siege of Gaza: Palestinians Have Oil and Gas

    Assalamualeikum, Palestanian lands too are fertile with olive trees but the recent news i heard it was snatched by the Israelis authority after they kicked out the farmers from their land. They shd be ashamed of what they did to the farmers. Subhanallah.
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    Allahu Akbar!..Unbelievable Donations in Dubai

    Assalamualeikum, I believe muslim countries are more richer then the west and if united muslim countries can buy more sophisticated arms but that was not the goal for muslim to live in this world, a tempprarily world. Wallahualam.
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    Gaza's Reality

    From Allah we came to Allah we'll return. Jaza'Allahu Khair. The children looked as if they're sleeping instd of died and we must not forget that they passed away as to book a reservation places for their parents in jannah insyaAllah - and for the Israel armies may Allah give them back for...
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    Israel's Right To Exist!

    Assalamu'aleikum brother Osman 93, Ur threats always inspiring me n i know u're angry towards them, me too. But this is an advice from ur muslim sister/mother for not to mention "what the hell" as what did the kuffr mention on and on but rather more nicer if we says "subhanallah or...
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    Please help

    Assalamu'aleikum, About ur last question on why must we learn Islam thru' religious teacher instd of depending on books. We were given two choices that is right and left. The choice is if we did'nt learn Islam from the muslim expert means we learned it from shaytaan then - na'udzubillah...
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    Wife's and Husband's Rights?

    A true story for our lesson; One of my friends who was seven mths pregnant to her husband that she wanted to 'kurban' a sheep for the coming of aid-adhr. When the time came they went together to see the ceremony in one of the local masjid. During the sacrifising of the sheep took place she...
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    Wife's and Husband's Rights?

    Assalamu'elaikum, Whatever property belongs to the wife are hers even her husband or her parents are not allowed to take it from her without her consent but if i'm rich i wish to be like Saidina Khatijah r.a.(1st wife of RasoolAllah s.a.w.) by helping her husband for Allah sake. Wassalam.