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    **all mp3 nasheeds**

    Please, can anybody tell me what this nasheed is Please, can anybody tell me what this nasheed is
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    Uthman Lateed Lectures

    Salaams, Does anyone have any lectures by Br Uthman Lateef on mp3? jzk
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    **all mp3 nasheeds**

    Salaams, theres this nasheed sung by children, not sure what its called but it has "subhanallahi wa bihamdihi, subhanallahil adheem" anyone know what im talking about? jkz
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    Nasheed Collections

    is this new zain bhika song from an up coming album?
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    this is jsut beautiful. mashallah. does anyone know who this is by?
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    Illahi on piano

    not sure u know. i'll try and upload this version when i can figure out how to do it. lol.
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    Illahi on piano

    Salaams. I have this song called illahi. its a beautiful arabic song with the piano on the left speaker and the song on the right ear. (funny thing that is). can anyone tell me who its by and what the real name of the song is? i remeber downloading it from this forum. jzk
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    I need help, what is the name of this Nasheed?

    Salaams, this is called Sea of Forgiveness by Native Deen.:hijabi:
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    Salam alkum Brothers/Sisters

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    Just finished the Koran (1st time!)

    marshallah sister. i jst did the same too. this was my first time completing the quran too. my aim was to finish on the 27th night but didnt manage it but alhamdulillah i manged to finsh it on the 29th. the last day of ramadan. it was such a wonderful feeling. may allah grant everyone many more...
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    Eid Mubarack Everyone!!!

    salams. Eid mubarak to you too. WOW. your firs ramadan and eid! how did u find it? not too difficult i hope! waslm.
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    Eid Mubarak

    EID MUBARAK! yeap. it has been annouced in saudi. i have a freind there who just text me to tell me its eid tomrw. EID MUBARAK!
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    Asalamualikum warahmatullah!

    aslamualikum! im a new member here, so far so good, the forum looks great! i am a born muslim but have been on the wrong path for quite a while. since college i've found allah (swt) and hope he keeps me in the straight path. inshallah i can learn more about my deen with the help of brothers and...