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    my wali and Mom said No without any valid reason

    :salam2: Dear sis,as all the other bro/sis adviced you insha allah talk to yr parents and explain to them the situation. Don't try to get married without their blessing because they are the one who gave u a life, and you wouldn't be happy if against them. the end of the day all you need or...
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    my wali and Mom said No without any valid reason

    Asalama aleikum w/w Bro duandkir, don't let this dicourouge you or let your emaan down, there are bad and good people in every society its not only us as muslims, but we should know better than that. Just try as I do stay away for those ignorant who claim to be muslims, surrounded yr self to...
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    Quit for Allah's sake?

    :salam2: Yes, I did quit a job for the sake of allah, It was a few yrs back I started working a bank. I was about to go to college, so it was a big deal for making a decent money in that age.Then my mom was going to hajj in that year and I wanted to give her some money but my sister said hey...
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    Eid Mubarak

    :salam2: Eid mubarek to you too,,,,,
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    Eid Mubarak

    EID Mubarek to all of you. :salam2: Happy Eid to all my brothers and sisters, may allah accept our good deeds and forgive us fr this special amazing month alhamdulilaah we did our duty and insha allah may Allah will reward us fr jannah ameen yaa rabi. I know some of you are celebrating...
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    Video The Pilgrimage (Hajj) to Makkah

    :salam2: :ma: Jazaka lahu khair sis for sharing, it makes me cry yaa allaah.I cant wait to make hajj insha allah. :salam2:
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    Would you suggest hajj agancies please?

    :salam2: Jazakalaahu khair all of you insha allah I will check these agencies, may allah reward you for your help insha allah. :salam2:
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    Would you suggest hajj agancies please?

    :salam2: I hope you all brothers and sisters are good health and iman insha allah. We are planing to make the hajj in this year insha allah. I found some hajj agencies, but I would like to if you would suggest a good agancy in the USA or share with us your experience if you make it. Jazaka...
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    Somali Dikhr

    :salam2: I heard this is bidah agains the sunnah? am I wrong? :wasalam:
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    Between the past and the future...

    :wasalam: Jazakalahu khair ukhti, may allah reward you for yr effort. :salam2:
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    Why are you crying?

    :salam2: Jazakalahu khair akhi that is very good, today in this dunya nothing satisfied us even when we have every thing (material),we always need more when we know this dunyah is nothing but a trip subhan Allah. :salam2:
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    would you be so kind to help?

    :salam2: Sis I agree with the above bro/sis, I would definitely advice the little sister to tell her older sister the truth, and then its up to her whatever she decided. But atleast she deserve to know the truth. :salam2:
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    My daughter is in the Hospital!

    :salam2: Dear sis may allah cure her and keep her safe insha allah.I will keep her and yr familiy in my duaa insha allah. :salam2:
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    :salam2: Laysma yaqaan sis, tti waa la buxa,,,,,,, How are little sis how is everything? :salam2:
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    I can teach you if you want. Waba inan dugsi ka furano tti lol. :salam2:
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    Marriage Contract?

    :salam2: Congratulation sis may allah make it easy for you the process, I think you can put anything that is resoanable as long as you discuss with him and agreed, it depends on what is important to you, Just think about things that are very mportant to you and yr marriage. Iwould give you...
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    Revert looking for friends and suggestions

    :salam2: Hey welcome sis leyla glad to have you:ma:. I live in VA not far from you, and Iwill be more than happy to be yr friend pm me any time you wish. Also there ara many masjids in metro area that teach islamic study insha allah I will try to let you know their locations. :salam2:
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    marriage or education?

    :salam2: Brother I agree with you with some of your point, true you can continue or go back to school any time you want and yes you will get old and age doesn't wait for you but school can, but also I think education can make more attractive coz knowledge never fails, education empower you in...
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    marriage or education?

    :salam2: I'm with you, same as me education comes first then marriage. They can go both hand by hand, it depends on which one you prefer. :wasalam:
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    It's Time

    :salam2: :ma::ma: bro, I'm very happy you become one of us:ma: Islam is the answer of every thing. I'm sure you will enjoy yr journey, may allah make it easy for you. We glad to have you :ma: :salam2: