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    :salam2: jazaakallah khair zahid bhayya , it is really easy and cool.
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    Best way to memorize Quran

    :salam2: wa iyyaki sister!
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    Einstein of Pakistan passes away

    :salam2: inna lillahe wa inna elaihe raajioon.May ALLAH grant her jannatul firdause ameen.
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    I have become a Muslim if anyone wants to see my Shahada here it is on youtube.

    :wasalam: Subhanallah !!!! Mabrook brother , may ALLAH keep you firm on this path and shower HIS blessings upon you ameen.
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    How could something be hidden from us like that?

    :salam2: Amazing recitation by blind Abu Hafsah Abdul Malik Clare lgwJMjaO1io&feature=g-all-lik&context=G2f8ccd4FAAAAAAAAAAA
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    Chapli Kabab

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    Chapli Kabab

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    Chapli Kabab

    :salam2: ok bro here is the recipe 1/2 lb ground beef with fat (fat make it soft and tasty) 2 tbs cumin seeds 2 tbs coriander seeds red chilly crushed (to taste) onion 2 medium size egg 1...
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    Chapli Kabab

    :salam2: inshallah i will give you the recipe later bro.
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    Video For sister SAKEENA.

    :wasalam: you are wel come brother.Yes this video is for all of us who sees and bear hardship in the way of ALLAH.Thank you so much for watching .
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    Video For sister SAKEENA.

    :salam2: Dear sister SAKEENA I know you dont know much about me but I know and read all your posts and also know that what are you passing through today.I would like to dadicate this video to you sister.sorry for using your pink) QsAVcJXvrCU...
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    Best way to memorize Quran

    :wasalam: alhamdollilah sister you benefited from that video , may ALLAH make it easy for you when you memorize more .
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    Best way to memorize Quran

    :salam2: I hope all my tti family is in good health and eeman.I found this very useful video for my brothers and sisters who want to memorize Quran. G25_FDY1UDg
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    strange case in saudi

    :salam2: i had the same thing in my mind.
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    Three Absurd 'Miracles' Related By The Soofees

    :salam2: May ALLAH guide us all ameen.
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    Islamic Histroy of Subcontinent!

    :salam2: sister i would prefer this lecture of shaikh meraj rabbani , please check out this lect with the name BARRE SAGHEER here
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    :A Quiz question for Muslims From Sub-Continent:

    :wasalam: da fruit pear pa shaantay rogh dai kho chay waikhray no khlu (mouth ) derbaanday tolaa shaantay kee laka amlok.
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    :A Quiz question for Muslims From Sub-Continent:

    :salam2: these are also in our guava farms and we make murabba out of it.
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    i am new hear

    :wasalam: well come to our site sara but i would request to the moderators not to allow her to SISTERS ONLY CLUB .
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    Crime of Shia (Rafizi)

    :salam2: I hope all my brother are in good health and eeman.I want to share a video about the crimes os shia rafidhies. M9i3rFqtQCo&feature=feedu