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  1. msmoorad

    Buddhist extremist groups attack Muslim warehouse in Colombo

    salaams to all why dont all the Salafi "mujahids" from Syria go to Burma & help the Burmese muslims & the Rohingya people? if they want to help the ummah, then thats where they are needed. and Allah ta'ala knows best jazakallah
  2. msmoorad

    Blame Ourselves or Blame the Rulers?

    salaams to all masha allah, so many people expect good, pious rulers when nothings stopping them from becoming pious themselves. and Allah ta' ala knows best jazakallah
  3. msmoorad

    What's going on in Bangladesh?

    salaams to all i also dont know much but i have learnt that the party in power now, the Awami League is behind the violence as they are somehow using it as a way to ensure they remain in power. also, a blogger was killed recently due to his anti Islamic blogs where he insulted Rasullullah(SAW)...
  4. msmoorad

    Khushi in salah

    salaams to all the simplest way to develop khushi/devotion in salaah is to always be conscious that: i am now standing before my creator. i am in direct communication with him & he is paying attention to me i have heard the ulama/scholars give the example of a person who is summoned to meet...
  5. msmoorad

    Wedding cakes and boycotts

    salaams to all maybe people are trying to get the support of other "minorities" who are "discriminated" against? could be that they dont realise how against all these perverted behaviours Islam actually is. and that all muslims would support & agree with the baker on this one. and Allah...
  6. msmoorad

    Wearing socks before washing left foot ?

    salaams to all according to what ive learnt, all the parts that are washed have to be wet until the end of the wudhu thereafter u may wipe/dry them. and Allah ta'ala knows best jazakallah
  7. msmoorad

    Muslim Family Breakdown: Great Challenge to Muslims in the West

    salaams to all i think the reason is that we want to live like the west but still expect to have a successful & happy marriage we want our lives to look like what Hollywood & Bollywood show us & then still expect things to work out fine both males & females come into the marriage with...
  8. msmoorad

    Salam from Kashmir

    salaams to all welcome brother i just want to say something- hope the mods dont ban me but anyone who REALLY want s to learn & have serious/interesting conversations with muslims from many places, should join ummah forums. i am a member of a few forum on...
  9. msmoorad

    Why I left Islam

    salaams to all so, after failing at Ummah forums you decided to come here? even using same username as on Ummah forums too? Mods, please ban this troll and Allah ta'ala...
  10. msmoorad

    A Question About Searching Marriage Spouse

    salaams to all as much as we have to choose a pious wife-there has to be physical attraction otherwise youre heading for a problem Allah ta'ala has created us with certain desires, likes & preferences and when Rasullullah(SAW) advised us to choose a pious wife or to give priority to deen over...
  11. msmoorad

    Imagine, If Israel Occupies London, THEN?

    salaams to all in case you dont know it the zionists already control London actually the City of London within greater London is their current HQ its from here that the Vatican & Washington DC get their orders Even the Queen has NO authority whatsoever in the City of London she needs the...
  12. msmoorad

    Lowe's pulls ad's from All American Muslim after pressure

    salaams to all from what ive seen of the show, the Amen family are shias-not muslims and i think one of the others are also shias so please think before you support them. they like to pretend to be muslims & claim that they are but their fundamental beliefs are VERY unislamic and...
  13. msmoorad

    What does ISLAM say about family lineage?

    salaams to all its all superstitious cultural beliefs that are totally unislamic the people of Kashmir are quite far from deen some dont like it when i say that because the Kashmiris are suffering but i keep telling everyone that if they were serious about being free of the oppression of the...
  14. msmoorad

    shocking violence in saudi arabia

    salaams to all its not so much about learning self defence its the will to retaliate even if a woman has not been for any classes, if she really wants to hurt her abusive husband, she can do it. some women feel that there is no other place for them to go to & they just have to accept...
  15. msmoorad

    My sister fed me pork to my ignorance.

    salaams to all your sister most likely just does not realise how serious it is to eat haraam food if she only knew, im sure shed never do this they just dont get it & think youre making a big fuss about nothing-regarding not eating anything with pork & alcohol. dont react very harshly...
  16. msmoorad

    youngest father in uk

    salaams to all and if this was a married muslim couple, the media would be barking mad but since they are non muslim kids-some would find it cute but there wont be any real outrage. hypocritical. and Allah ta'ala knows best jazakallah
  17. msmoorad

    Saying "JazakAllah" vrs "JazakAllah khairn"

    salaams to all i still say jazakallah insha allah everyone understands what im saying & Allah ta'ala definitely knows what i mean by those words i now know its proper to add "khayr" at the end but ive been doing it this way all my life so far & its a bit awkward to change. and Allah...
  18. msmoorad

    bloodless end to regime in syria???

    salaams to all from what i can see, this article cant be further from the truth whatever bloodshed weve seen so far in Syria is nothing compared to what seems to be about to happen. the USS George HW Bush-a nuclear powered aircraft carrier has just anchored off the coast of Syria. Iraqs...
  19. msmoorad

    Iraq's Shia Muqtada al-Sadr Sending Fighters to Protect Assad Regime

    salaams to all its very confusing whats going on. we know the shiahs are against the sunni muslims and would like nothing better than to gain control of the 2 Harams-Makkah & Madinah- and do whatever they please with the qabrs of Rasullullah (SAW) & abu Bakr & Umar (Rad) then we have our...
  20. msmoorad

    Video Youngest Muslim Reverts in The World. Children in England Turn To Islam.

    salaams to all i would greatly appreciate it. please post as much details as possible- so we can all learn what has happened to this girl & her brother. and Allah ta'ala knows best jazakallah