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    Very good poetry i cry everytime i listen to this.. ...... all good all good :SMILY346::SMILY346:
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    Taraweeh 9, 11 or 20 ra'kah

    Aslamualaikum Ill try my best to answer according to my own understanding and what most of us malaysian muslim do. 1. i wanted to know that is Taraweeh a sunnah prayer or a nawafil?? Answer: Few Ulama says it is sunnah and they have their dalil on this. Few others says it nawafil and so on...
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    Asalamualaikum all

    Thank you all..thank you. InsyaAllah InsyaAllah
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    Will i ever find peace :'(

    Asalamualaikum..can a newbie like share his thoughts? 2nd post ehh? :) My dear Tasnima Khan, like the other brothers and sisters advice and thoughts are so true. Sensitive hearts like mine :). Selawat my sister selawat as many as you can. Allah HUma Salih Ala Saidina Muhammad . Istifar as many...
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    Asalamualaikum all

    salam all, malaysian here..need new friends hope to get along with all of you and sharing knowledge and learn something new. thank you